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  • A Gible wouldn't take massive damage form a Thunder. Thunder is major. Massive>Major. Even if Gible is wet, his dragon side resists electricity. Sorry but you may have to edit your damage calculations.
    That's what official matches have too, but either way, I really think you should tell the other guy that he/she can DQ already
    Hi Alpha. So your post. I'm pretty sure the opponents call the DQ. Not the ref. Take note of most veteran battles, a lot leave without a note but aren't DQ'ed unless said so by the opponent. :3
    I'll get to squads sometime soon. I'm a bit preoccupied elsewhere at the moment and ASB is pretty much the lowest priority as it stands.

    Battling is also not terribly likely soon. Possibly in the future, but within the next few weeks, it's probably better for the both of us if we don't battle.
    Actually, I'd REALLY like my champrew's sig to get accepted because seeing my opponent's level 2s, my champrew can tear them up :)
    That's great! Thank you very much! I'll put my Kadabra level 2 right away... About my Sandshrew, if you can do something, great, if not, i'll battle without sig... My second level 2 Pokemon will be... Togepi!

    Also a question about Togepi... He can use MANY types of attack ( fire, water, etc. ) Can I use them at level 2? I mean all of them?
    Yeah, I had to forfeit our last battle for different reasons. We should have a battle soon. I need some more battling experience. And once again, sorry about the match.
    Hey Kairne. Sorry to be a bother but would it be okay of you got a new referee for your match with mindthegaap? I have too many matches to ref, including yours with Food Guy. Speaking that match, I typed out the reffing for it, then I lost it. Twice. Sorry if it takes a while for the reffing.
    Hey just here to say thanks for joining and making all those banners :)
    They are pretty nice.

    I can see you are a big TR fan like XD

    Hey would you be Intersted in something else Team Rocket Related?
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