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  • I'm sufficiently old enough to be just about every Serebii members father! I'm more well versed in Python quotes than Brooks. Other than that, I've explored a few religions (Including LeVey's Satanism and a bit of Witchcraft/Wicca) in my time, and found them wanting, so I have a partly open mind when it comes to worship.
    (they have a god for everything, except premature ejaculation. But i hear that one's coming soon)
    You know I think that one is as old as Paganism Alpha... Still a goody though!
    Lets see... I learned that Loki was actually Thor's Uncle after Marvel, and yeah Thor was a red head. Never heard the Jesus bit. Plus Loki is a name usable to the Satanic Church.

    The Christians could have done better using Dionysus for their Devil as he had a serious duality nature. Happy drunk/mean drunk, I mean in one story he turned a follower into a dolphin... in a desert/dry land! Pan just had the better look IYAM.

    They also stole christ's decent into the underworld to free souls from Sumerian myths.

    Hermes eh... My daughter gives thanks to Artemis. Thanks for the lesson! :D
    Interesting. I wouldn't think Loki would make a good druidic role model. Then again most of my lore on Loki *blush* comes from D&D and Marvel comics, so I'll keep that in mind!

    Thanks for the guidance. I'll give those groups a look, Thank you.
    Hello Alpha,
    I was wondering, can you point me towards a link to get more information on true Druidism? I've been interested in the religion for years but I don't know what's legit or not. Unfortunately Druidism isn't legal here in the states AFAIK.
    Oh man, I just realized I totally butchered the word "spirited" in the PM I sent you before. Sheesh. >_>;

    Thanks for responding, though! =)
    I was hoping more for something along the lines of instant messaging! But if I understand correctly, you're not really... Bound to a computer.
    I know. I usually check the forums every day. I only post every few months or so. There's no other way of contacting you is there?

    I've been pretty alright... Moving to the big city in less than two weeks, so I've been packing and such.
    Hm, okay, will probably use Veekun from now on then... I checked the "Bide" page for Bulbapedia and searched for Dratini, but I don't think it's on there.
    Have you any objection to me giving Big a re-order in your match? He ordered Dratini to use Bide, but it can't learn it. The PASBL site does say Dratini can learn it, though. It's a mistake, and I thought it would be fair to give Big a re-order, but I have already warned him that the site has a lot of mistakes when it comes to move-sets, so it would also be unfair to tell him again, in a way. That's why I'm leaving it up to you. :)
    No, because everybody regarded it as a mistake. Like the two scenarios I mentioned along with it. It was only ever mentioned once in the entire anime, so really, it should not be regarded as fact, y'know?
    Gohst has been shown on more than one occasion to take damage from normal attacks. Why sohuld it make a difference? In ethe form, they are immune to physical damage, which is different. Dragons. No, never shown again, because it was a mistake.
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