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  • yeah, I was like "whatttt? he just said he didn't go on SPPF!" but I figured that's what it was. :p
    i see you lurkin' B(
    oh btw sorry I didn't text you regarding hanging out and stuff yesterday.. it was a crazy day, and Christel ended up pulling her back at work/my friend dying and stuff. :( karaoke will happen soon!
    Hey thanks for the VM, I'm doing ok, much better than I thought I would take it, I still think Misty deserved at less one more episode and they should have confrimed her crush on Ash, being they've confrimed Anabel's,Angie's and Kenny's on Dawn, I'm sad and I have the right to be sad if I want, But I not going to complain about it, I have started on a new project to expressed my feelings about this, even if it doesn't change things in the anime atleast I got my feelings out and to tell my story is my dream so I will follow it. I am greatfull for the time Misty had on the show and understand that they aren't ignoring her because they hate her character or anything. A new fresh was what the show needed, and I'm sure they argue about destroy all links to the past but I guess there's no making up their minds now.

    PS I hope BW proves CC wrong about the writers not caring about shipping if there is more shipping in it they DP whether it's with Ash or/and Iris.
    Thanks again, and we should keep the PS thread alive.
    dead @ that part of the episode

    5th gen blows but mijumaru is a champion and a better character than iris will ever be, tbh

    gdi change your favorite pokemon from bidoof to mijumaru already ...if serebii updated the favorite pokemon list thing
    Swifty, since I know you're still around ocassionally, what do you think about Ash's story possibly being endless?

    At this point, it honestly seems as if Pokemon will go on as long as Simpsons. Ash's journey could theoretically go on for another 10 years, just with new travel companions each arc for new younger fans.

    I think the problem is nobody really expected Pokemon (or at least Ash's story), to go on as long as it has, so most people can't keep up with a series that now has 14+ years and 650+ episodes. The older characters will most likely be phased out entirely, and probably won't actually appear again till whenever the true series finale is.

    One surprise is that Brock's finally gone, after all these years. I remember most people thought Brock would leave when AG ended, but he left one generation later. No more Brock at least.

    I honestly don't plan on following the BW series to be honest, since I feel DP will be the last series I watched regularly. If the show ever does actually end someday, it'll be interesting if all the older fans come back for one last discussion about the series and its characters.
    Hey, so you're the owner of the pokeshipping discussion thread? I was just wondering, there's an official Ikarishipping day, right? So, I think there should be an official Pokeshipping day, so I was wondering what that day is, if one already exists, and why it was chosen...and if it doesnt exist yet, i would be more than happy to help create one ^_^ oh, and apparently it was ur bday? well, happy belated bday! mine is in a couple days, but, thats off subject, but anyways. let me know XD
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