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  • oh but it going to be a good battle u able to battle now my fc is on my sig 4 vs 4 double battle prep for the national champs ok
    yer jacob now do it double i got a realy good ev team andrew telled me how you ev'd your legnedy swoobat and now it has realy good stats what a challenge :0
    No, it's fine, I had another member help me out xD And, no, not well actually :( I tried asking out a very attractive girl whom I had become friends with, and she said no so I'm slightly frustrated about that. How about you?
    Hey Swoobatty! How are ya? Listen, I need your help. I want to join a league (when i get wi-fi) But, one of the questions on the application form is P/O? And I have NO CLUE what it means, do you? :(
    Thank you! About when I left, if you only have one pokemon in your party it tells you you cant trade. So I had to leave and add a new pokemon to my party. Sorry about that ^_^
    IVS are not the same as stats. Ivs are a random number generated in each stat from 0-31 when a pokemon is caught/hatched. The closer to 31 the better, as each number of each stat is an extra stat point for that stat. So If you have two lvl 100 pokemon, one with 31 IVs in every stat and one with 0 in every stat, the pokemon with 31 IVs will be better by 31 points in every stat. So it's pretty important. I wanted you to check the ivs and tell me so I know I'm not getting ripped off if the pokemon has really bad ivs. I like the nature of both altaria and porygon z but I need to know the ivs. If your wondering what flawless pokemon are, since you might have heard people using the term on this forum, its a pokemon with 31 IVs in every stat. Hope that helps :) All you have to do is go to the mistralton city pokemon center and talk to the man about the two pokemon's hidden power type. Tell me what he says for each of the pokemon. Then, in the battle subway as soon as you get down the big yellow stairs there is a man with blue hair. Tell me exactly what he says for both pokemon. If you could do that that would be awesome. I can calculate the IVS from that. If the pokemon has bad IVs, don't worry I'll still trade you. It's just a way of finding the better one. Dragonite isn't flawless or anything, I just want to make sure porygon z doesnt have 0 special attack IVs. Thanks :D
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