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  • ok and 10 char is ten characters. when you dont have anything to say you say 10 char because your VM has to be at least 10 characters long
    Ok I'm comfused.. don't you add people's friend codes and then trade? Why do you need my username? And I can't trade in 2 hours 40 mins..
    I was waiting but I didn't see you. Are you sure you added my FC? My name is Chris sorry. Its no problem I'll be on later.
    Ok I live in India and I'm on from 4-11:00 pm so if you could go on sometime in the morning that'd be great
    I'll take either the porygon z or the altaria? If it's not too much trouble, could you tell me their ivs?
    Well this is what you said: "Ok, here are the natures of my shinys. Lv 100 arceus..." Why would you say here are my shinies and then start right off with a non-shiny pokemon? I just assumed that it was shiny... let me look at the other stuffand get back to you. I'll still trade you, but not for the arceus.
    Uhm. Explain this to me...You can soft reset for it until it gets a certain move?

    And thanks for the offer but no thanks, I have a shiny one and will also get to it playing my heartgold :)
    LOL that kinda happened to me...exept that I trolled my own self XD I once wanted to play through my fire red fast to get to Mewtwo and catch it ( I had traded awat the one I had caught previously). So I transfered my team in sapphire and restarted firered. And then I re-traded over the Charizard from my prev game, wich was about level 80. I forgot that it couldn't obey me, so I played through it with a permanently confused charizard XDDDD
    Oooh now I feel guilty. Told you to be careful though. How's your tongue? :) See why I named my green Druddigon after it XD
    Allright then sit back XD although it's not really about trades, just talking to ppl...

    The biggest thing was this guy that put up on youtube a video of a live encounter and catching of a shiny Reshiram. Yeah you heard me right, a Reshiram. And he claimed it was legit, although it's clearly impossible. You know what he did? He downloaded a ROM and inputted a cheat code to remove the shiny check block from that legendary. And then proceeded to SR for it until it appared. "it's legit" he said "'cause it's still a 1/8192 shiny!" Now how the hell can a pkmn that comes from a cheated up save file be considered legit? It's not even a real game, but a ROM!!! The thing is, many people mistake legitimacy with fairness. RNGs might not be seen as fair, because they are planned and (once you learn how to) fairly easy to get, but they are legit. Hacks aren't, and the fact that you still spent time on it doesn't change that, because you corrupted part of the internal game code. For one, I despise clones because it doesn't feel right to have two absolutely identical pkmn, but I do know they are legit as they are formed from a glitch that is normally found in the game. So there is no "I think/don't think it's legit". There is no "think". It either is or isn't.
    Ahem. Sorry about that ^^"
    Oh thank god, it happened more than once that shiny hunters insulted me after I told them. Even someone who occasionally cheated with A R to get more masterballs! And when they talk about semi-legit! They make me so mad! Like there was this guy that with a rom...whait I should stop now T___T

    XD more than that you should be afraid at how spicy it is. It's worse that the worst chili you'll ever find. I mean, it's good, I like it if I put a tiny tiny tiny TINY bit on sushi. But for someone who never tried it...yeah that's gonna be a "special" experience :D
    Can you tell me torterras nature and have they been EV trained? I'm sure we'll work something out. :D
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