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  • Ok well adamant sounds really bad so I guess I'll take the arceus but you said you had loads more. Do you mean loads more shinies? If you do, what are they?
    Yeeeeaah now i'm afraid you'll hate me for this. But I would never lie to you so...I actually RNGed it. But I still luv her she's cute <3

    What? XD No, wasabi is that EXTREMELY spicy green sauce you eat sushi with. Like seriously, you ever tried it? It takes but a tiny lick to make your mouth explode *_*
    Hmm. A friend of mine named his Blastoise Tsunami. I'd say...Blaster?
    lol sorry I csn't think of anything better right now. I'm not familiar with training Blastoises...
    About the arceus you said hardy or adamant does that mean you cant remember or you have both? And have these pokémon been EV trained?
    I have a lv 100 shiny charizard that I can offer you for the dragonite. I also have a lv 100 shiny porygon-z and an arceus! I've also got loads more! I love shiny dragonites so please get back to me!

    Can you tell me about your 3 pokemon you just mentioned?
    Shiny Blastoise is cute, good luck with that! Send me a pic once you get it, 'k? ^_^

    Two hours ago I decided I couldn't sleep so I tried another time to get a blody Meowth chain to 40. And I somehow did it. And got my desired female shiny cat,, imported it in HG and evolved it yay!!!
    So now here it's 3 am and I'm still awake but I don't really care XD
    Yup he's Orion ^_^
    I'm lucky...to some extent. Mustn't forget the 21 total hours (two weeks) I spent SRing for it :)
    Yay I like his name too ^_^

    Yeah a while ago I tried all of them but the green suits it better I think...

    WAT. In that rectangle in the top left I have a Celebi, and Ash with his Pikachu. You mean there's a way to change it? 'Cause I can't stand that bloody kid up there >:|
    Thanks ^_^
    Yeah weird, isn't it? I was all like wtf when I found out XD I noticed that he's got a blue inside-mouth in the sprite of every game, exept in D/P/Pt.
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