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  • Thank you my good man!

    Once again, I hope everything goes well with your life plans and future ^_^ I'm sure you will do great.
    I finally manage to catch hold of a slot in your shop. YAY!! :p

    Also, am I allowed to ask for two banners? If not, I'm extremely sorry for putting two, you can cut off the second one. :p
    Thank you very much :) I can't express how great it is :) It was definitely worthy of its patience
    Thanks again :)GL in everything you do
    Hi SM! :D
    it's been a while since I last talked to you, sorry 'bout that D:
    I hope you're doing well! and staying warm!
    Wow, that is actually similar to my own times, mine usually take about an hour. I guess you just get more done in that time.
    Damn, my banners are usually 15 max. I should probably start taking some more time while making them. How long does a banner usually take you to make?
    Definitely design, then. I'm just kind of upset that I didn't get anything out of it, as I need some extra money right now for something that comes out next month.

    Well, the lens flares I see on my version can't produce things like these two, so I was just wondering because they really do bland in with your banners. I just love the way your banners have turned, the style looks amazing. I'd like to be able to implement a few here and there in my banners as well, after I test them to make sure it blends well, of course. Other than that, I have one more question; how many layers do you usually have per banner? Every time I see your art come out, it looks like there are more and more little things incorporated in the background.
    Hey Sworn, I was wondering if you still were offering wallpapers <.> I was gonna request one and there are no more in your shop ;^;
    Well, you're not technically allowed to receive money for a job in America unless you're a certain age, which I believe is 16. There are a few exceptions, like working at McDonald's at 14. As for which, it is an organization, and I made some of the art that they will be using on their brochures, posters, website, etc. I believe that is design, but I could be wrong.

    Also, I keep wondering how you have all of those bursts of light on your banner. Are they some sort of specialized lens flares? They look really nice, so I was wondering if you could show me how to apply them.
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