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  • You do have a point about that, I guess people just want to see more of your great skills at work. It's like a good thing you have customers, but then people will treat your art kinda bad cause they'll ask for more and more. Personally, I'm content with the stuff you've made for me thus far.
    Er...uh...well your art's only getting better and better with each passing month and the pull towards them is just so great, ;__;
    I love both and it was tough to decide but I used the ones blue swoosh. The one with the white swoosh is really great too.
    I swear your skills when it comes to graphic designing never cease to amaze me. Thank you so much for the banner, I love them both so much. I'm having trouble deciding which one I want to put into my signature atm.
    Omg, SM, you really outdid yourself! I really love the overall mystic looking design (especially the Gardevoir's poses)!
    Thank you so much - I can tell you invested a lot of effort and time into it.
    hm, very vaguely? I mean.. gaping mouth (Gyarados always was a mouth breather..) and trident vs. semi-trident horns..?
    Hey SM~
    I was wondering what you thought of Mega Glalie's design, given it is kind of your mascot? It looks really evil to me (more Dark than Ghost), but I thought it strange that it got legs.
    If you thought Mega Glalie was bad, just look at Mega Beedrill and Mega Steelix. Yeah they are losing credibility especially with handling Megas. It's like "Oh now we have an excuse to keep making more Pokémon without making the Dex number get higher". So they make whatever they want without any thought.
    I agree, it really looks like it jaw is completely broken for no reason, then again, most of the megas have been overdone spikes galore, so I prolly shouldnt have been surprised. I dont know if it's the end of the line for me, but it certainly does seem like GF should just stick to not retreading old ground, and move on.
    I love it, it's literally everything I hoped for, and more actually.

    How do you feel about mega glalie, I kinda feel like cutting off the chin would make it awesome. I gotta give GF Points for trying, hopefully they release something neat next, like mega zangoose, or flygon.
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