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    seiko 6119
    Hey Sylvania, I'd just like to let you know that I've changed my characters age so that he can be a class B trainer. I just didn't want to be lonered in class C.
    Hey, since my character is a first year at the academy, should I have his first post come from getting off the boat to the academy?

    BTW, please give the answer on my profile page and not yours. Usually you respond to a VM (visitor message) by VMing on the other person's profile. It took me some time to get it too so don't worry.
    Congrats for hitting 20 posts! You've now officially graduated from the 'complete newbie' stage!

    Well, that's just me, though, lol.
    Hey there, I wish you a warm welcome to Serebii.Net Forums. If you need a friend or someone to ask questions about this site to, feel free to ask me.
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