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  • It doesn't seem like you use this website much anymore and I'm definitely not planning on it either, but our friendship and conversations on here always stuck with me, so I just wanted to say thank you for making younger-me so happy

    If you have a tumblr, message me sometime at katana-no-neko, okay? I'd love to chat again :)
    Kamui: *Cutting down Faceless left and right as he charges ahead*

    Severa: *Smirks* He's easily stronger then her now... *Fights off a Faceless*
    Well we could talk on skype if that would be easier or better for u.

    There will be; Mario odyssey, Mario kart 8 deluxe, maybe a Pokémon game, splatoon 2; at e3 we'll get all sorts of news of stuff coming to the switch.

    I had the same problem; played new leaf extensively when it came out, barely touched it after Pokémon x. But then I lost my copy so I bought a new one to start over with all the amiibo update stuff. :p
    Kamui: *Pauses as he looks at her, shakes his head* We cna clear whatever this is about later. For now, if you may, focus on saving civillians for now. *Returns his blade to focus on Faceless*
    Kamui: *Walking over, striking two Faceless with his katana easily* What do you mean? *Looks over at Cynthia*
    Honesty I don't even know why I hang around anymore.

    I'll believe it when I see the next elder scrolls, gta, and mass effect on the switch. All I know is Nintendo will NEVER get a fair shake in the gaming industry; unlike Sony and Microsoft who basically pay third parties to come to their system, Nintendo has basically been going it alone since at least the GameCube days as third parties aren't eager to put their games on nintednos sustems.

    Well what have u been up to lately?
    Severa: *Cuts down another Faceless, slashing through one attempting to flank Reina* Damnit Cynthia....

    Kamui: *Charges forward, taking down Faceless as he joins his retainers* Severa, Reina, what is your current status?
    Whoo. My 11 year anniversary would be in august, but I don't really care about anniversaries.

    Yeah, but most of the rest of the industry hates Nintendo because they go their own way rather than flllow everyone else, and third parties are still butthurt over Nintendo bossing them around in the nes days.

    I'm sorry, I just feel strongly on this. We can move to some other topic. Got any ideas?
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