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  • Kamui: Vanished? Well.... It seems to be that we need to be more vigilant on the border. Luckily the fort were building here can have some stress relief to the nearby villages and the Flame Tribe. Anyway, Older Sister and Sakura should be arriving soon. If any more messages arrive from Shirasagi or Older Brother get them to me as soon as possible.
    The map design for chapter 10 was weird, and I continue to have bad luck. But beside those it's interesting so far
    Yea it's going to be great.
    Yea To be honest since it was a galaxy 3ds I thought they were going to announce Super Mario Galaxy for 3ds lol
    I try not to dwell on the past, but I can't exactly live in the present and am constantly worried about the future.

    Fine, we'll compromise; my experience with Pokemon may not be the norm, but it wasn't unique either. Let's just put this behind us. If we keep going it's gonna ruin our friendship (or whatever u wanna call talking to people online) and I don't want u to hate me.
    Rinka: Alright. Shirasagi should be about a day away for your speed, So good luck.


    Kamui: *Looking out at the Feilds away from the fort* Reina, has the report of Lord Ryoma's skirmish with that Nohr army returned yet?
    Oof, I feel that- never get much of a rest before things go crazy again.

    Yeah overall pretty excited- are you? (Too bad the games are *once again* coming out between my birthday and the holiday season.)
    I watch the show for everything. I don't know what I'll do when I finish it! Rewatch it, I guess :p Seriously, I absolutely adore Fairy Tail, it's the perfect anime in my opinion.

    They actually lowered the price now! Instead of $7.99 a month, it's $5.99 a month. They formed a partnership with Crunchyroll.

    I've been planning on watching Noragami for a while, now. I have read the first two mangas and seen the first episode.

    Yeah, it is super long and kind of monster-of-the-week, but not near as bad as Sailor Moon, if you ever watched the original series (rather than Crystal).

    Wow, you've seen a lot of anime. I don't really see any more on there that I've seen, though.

    Any extra $5 I had used to go to Pokémon cards, but since, it's changed to manga from Half-Price Books.
    (2/2) Yes. It is. For the record, I'm not a control freak with him; I'm actually very lenient and I don't intend to shelter him; I'm not even his legal guardian; he just visits a lot. But he does like baseball, he's apparently in band class (I often see him carry a trumpet case to or from school), he likes shooting BB guns (even entering local contests the last 3 years and getting one bronze medal and 2 gold medals), I even let him play Xbox live in gta5 and Children's Online Daycare (something he definitely doesn't need exposed to). I just don't want him to get involved in this one thing. Anything that pushes him away from Pokemon and towards something else is fine with me. I don't live vicariously through my nephew nor do I try to force beliefs on him. I want him to be different from me cause I feel he'd be overall better off.
    (1/2) Trust me, I want to see good in life. I don't want to be a monster. With what I've experienced in my life though (depression on and off for 15 years, anxiety on and off for 10 years, a crush in high school that morphed into obsession, working fast food way longer than anyone ever should, and the upcoming election in November where s*** is gonna hit the fan regardless of who wins) I just don't know how.i know your not perfect, but your life and mind seems to be in more order than mine.

    But seeing how Pokemon was a huge part of many childhoods, especially during its heyday, u don't think that may have had a major effect? Even if it's not the root cause, I feel it definitely has an impact especially on younger more impressionable kids.my negative energy comes from how my mom said I was much different when I was younger than I am now, and not in a good way. So looking back on my life and seeing where it all went wrong, Pokemon is the one furthest back that I can recall having such an impact on me.if it were just the Pokemon games, or just the anime, or just the trading card game, or just one individual aspect of Pokemon, I would agree it could apply to almost anything, but Pokemon wasn't just a game; it was a way of life; you had the game boy games (and special Pokemon edition game systems), the cartoon, trading cards, figurines, books, clothing, and just about anything aimed at kids you can imagine, All hitting our minds at the same time. That's a lot for a young mind to process. Pokemon took game freak from nobodies to legends, raked in billions for Nintendo, and left a pretty big impact on almost everyone under 30; that is how Pokemon is different.
    Yea I know it sucks but at least Sun and Moon will seemingly have interesting stories
    Yea it was interesting wasn't it? Lol

    And you don't think Pokemon could've had an effect on how millennial brains are wired? Not to mention Pokemon, even in the Berfore Time (i.e the late 90s), had a social aspect with trading, but most kids just got both games, 2 game boys and traded with themselves. How ironic; a game that encourages socialization ends up doing the exact opposite. It's social media before social media. U get majorly bullied in high school or as An adult; in grade school and college for some reason, no one cares. Yeah, lucky you with your normal human brain. Why do I have to be a monster? What did I do in a past life to deserve this?

    I'm an adult, he's a child; my opinion trumps his. He'll just have to make friends another way; he likes sports so wynaut be a jock? Then he'd have all the girls after him and be too busy to think of anything else. I dunno why he'd play go to fit in anyway when some experts are saying the Pokemon go craze has already gone bust. Oh god, if he gets into the anime, all is lost, but he won't get into the games cause he doesn't play 3ds (I even bought him one for xmas last year and I have yet to see him use it) he only plays on iOS. If my nephew is anything like me, he'd use Pokemon to escape into his own little world, and you don't want to know how deep the rabbit hole goes with that. Unless those spotlighted are poketubers, they were alosmt certainly paid to read from a cue card. I know what I'm talking about; if I can spare him my fate, it'll be worth it in the end and he'll thank me for it.
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