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  • You can't lie, that's how their relationship went. I'm pretty much stating the truth
    Fun fact: there are map sprites for the Dragon and Bunny (?) forms for Manaketes and Taguels in Awakening?
    My characters relationship won't be like Oichi and Masa: Where it's like: "Hey, My name's Masamune, marry me."
    I got plans and things

    Times kip to the Valm arc starting?
    Pretty good. Had a date last saturday, my favourite soccer team is number 1 in our competition and eight of my Amiibo are fighting each other now. :) Doing preeeeetty good.
    ehh I didn't care how it was formatted.
    Aslong as Yuki can marry Kaihime I'm good. Plus me Dusk and Ravs worked on it last night.
    that's why! I started with Kanto, but I knew about Pokémon before being broadcasted in US because of my cousins in Japan *sigh* good old times
    yep! unless you study engineering or medicine, I guess that's not your situation and mine either :( but my Psychology teachers let me use APA :)
    scary... well, just a little but if you don't like them it's ok *wonders how you play fighting games but not horror ones*
    *also wonders how you don't like BK or A&W because they are yummy and I want them now* *drools*
    you are a very interesting person, you know :) it's the first time I meet a person with your gaming and food preferences!
    agreed. but it can be worth it. It's all i have left of spyro....where will he go next? but yeah....they Milked the franchise big time... I can see why sony wants Crash Bandicoot back...lol

    i see...I beat AHT and Dawn of the Dragon on the same day, due to extreme boredness. lol. But the legend spyro and classics are the best.

    Wow. Whatever that is...
    And here's a reason why I got discouraged to post. Getting yelled at about some mistakes that aren't major.

    Morgan: *Bored*
    OOC: Okie dé. ^^
    Hmm... Okay.

    Zephraxe: What? No, I doubt that. As half Pokémon, you seem trustworthy.
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