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  • Im not busy next week, thank goodness. :3

    Zephraxe: *Thinks* And cute... *To everyone* So, you guys need my help?

    Paxuran: Yup.
    If it's Lucina as main lord, then it's incredibly going to be hated. I'll still play it
    Cause it's FE, but outside that: I'm gonna hate it.

    Her and Chung are my favorite characters to RP currently.
    Oh, darn it! :p
    Play it again so we can have daylight so we can see. xd
    Theeeeen we'll call for Epona. ._.
    They taste pretty good, too, they just show up EVERYWHERE, so I usually don't actually get one. (Unless I'm sneaking another piece of dessert and I need to get away quickly...)
    That sounds good! I don't think I've ever had pumpkin CAKE, but I really like Pumpkin Pie. And cream cheese frosting :)
    I did wish they expand more upon it. I'm refusing to do an Awakening Fic. I did to much of that and screw a lot of Awakening Characters.

    Current Plans: Fates and Tellius. I may work on one combing 1-3. There'll be some Awakening things but no real Awakening Fic.

    [Strike]Yuuki! I have new cannon for you![/Strike]

    That's not including DLC.
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