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Last Activity:
Sep 20, 2010
Feb 1, 2008
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In your closet.
... involves the grizzly end to all human beings.

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Well-Known Member, from In your closet.

Synthetic was last seen:
Sep 20, 2010
    1. Praxiteles
      By the way, I hope my reply to your review didn't sound too defensive. My defence of the setup of Chapter 2 had the understanding that, if I actually sacrificed good storytelling to communicate how the entity's mind works, I could give no excuses. I hang on your verdict of whether (after getting a basic idea of what the weird style was trying to convey) it basically worked. That's the important thing.
    2. Praxiteles
      Both? Which two ways did I see it?

      School releases me from its dripping maw, like, no earlier than 5:30 these days. That would be around 9:30 PM to you, give or take an hour. Mm.
    3. Praxiteles
      ...Yeah, if someone doesn't do a film vignette based on your middle paragraph, I'l do a oneshot.

      Yay, I still haven't had a Synthetic review, as much as we swap and discuss stories. The universe does strange things the moment you think it starts hating you. Can I derail to talk about something I saw on the train recently? I was trying to fall asleep sitting, thinking about the long drudgery of school (ten-twelve hours daily) about to commence when I came home, and I noticed something. The little cracks in the curtain on the window made an almost continuous pinhole for light to pass through, and its screen was the curtain on my other side. I saw faint exquisite shadow-shapes moving upside down around the curtain, as the trees on the horizon passed by. Ever made a pinhole camera? This was it, perfectly arranged, entirely by accident. In this position in my compartment I was treated to two halves of horizon: the real one glimpsed through the window curtain, and the shadow, its inverted image, making a much smaller arc on three walls of the box.

      If you don't write about this, I will.

      PS: I don't catch you on the messenger these days. Are you very busy?
    4. Praxiteles
      I was hoping you'd be back before I got too far into the story, but it's still just starting plotwise. This is the NaNoWriMo thing I took so much damn time on, by the way.

      God, no one's on SPPF anymore. I was getting bored in your absence.
    5. Praxiteles
      Why, what did the universe do to you now? *takes your bloody sword and hands you a flask of water, pointing the way to the army infirmary*

      Yay, you're attempting an actual direction in Three. Attagirl. I'll take notifications for the rewrites; you're not posting any new chapters, are you? I can catch up with the story this way too.

      I bring you pretty piano music from the French master: Gnossiennes Nos. 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5
    6. Praxiteles
      Exams, are they them things that swallow you? It's like you dropped off the face of the earth.
    7. CrystalSaurTower
    8. Diddy
      I'll make sure to youtube some songs when I have some free time.
    9. Diddy
      I've heard only good things about Flogging Molly, I think I've heard one song and if I remember correctly, I enjoyed it.
    10. Diddy
      ha, I've got Motorhead's Ace of Spades stuck in my head now.

      I had a sandwich yesterday. It had garlic & herb cheese spread on both piece of bread, and various hard cheeses on top of that. It was nice.
    11. Diddy
      As much as it sickens and enrages me, I'll admit that you have me beat on this one.

      Foot plus Mouth and all that.

      I'll eat my cheerios with shame...
    12. Diddy
      oh really...

      *Fires up misconception hyperboliser*

      hehe. That IS flexible.

      Dogs are idiots. Wait, don't make that connection, erm, Dogs wallow in their own filth. I should stop talking shouldn't I?
    13. Diddy
      Men aren't Dogs.


      not in the sense that we can do that freaky licking our own junk thing. We're just not the flexible deary.
    14. Diddy
      Don't think I'm not tempted to tell you to clean it off me... with your tongue.

      You'll never get my mind out of the gutter that easily :P
    15. Diddy
      You better clean that up. Mess don't sort itself out, needs a woman's touch.
    16. Diddy
      Damn, my sexual implication ray misfired!

      After you're done collecting firewood, perhaps you can make me a sandwich. Yeah, I escalated. Bring it.
    17. Diddy

      lol, I poked Synthetic. *readies Innuendo Cannon*
    18. Diddy
      I don't think I'd be a very good moral compass.

      I've never really had the whole "morality" thing down.
    19. Diddy
      That's if he chooses to breed at all.

      A few millenia alone can do a man good you know.
    20. Diddy
      "they're at it again."


      *readies reset button*


      Mew: "You say that EVERY time!"
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    In your closet.
    ... involves the grizzly end to all human beings.
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    I like sharp pointy things.



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