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  • Actually a lot of people use the "just a generic signature" thing so it's become it's own category, therefore not being generic.

    alright, just a question, one you can decide on making it a yes or no in the post. Is Crasher alive or dead? Don't have to answer me, just post about it in your next post. Either way, my character will be calling in the morning about it. :p

    Also, if you didn't notice, I haven't posted at all for a while in the rpg. Mostly because it's night time and what can my character do away from the action while resting? :p
    no... If you looked back a few posts, they joined in shortly after Talacola forces started defending and building that barricade. Liberty forces came a little after the enemy aerial forces decided to overlook the barricade to start attacking Talacola.
    Just a small question concerning the ABM group, how many (aside from the 1st half of the group missing) is left of the group that aided?
    You probably should've asked before you spoke for Alec. It was just two sentences and was minor so I'm ok with it, but you need to make sure it's ok to do that.
    I figure since Bravo Station is close by I'll have the Station receive a distress call, asking for assisstance at Jadewater Forest. That'll take Alec to the battlefield, and anyone else at Bravo Station as well.
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