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  • I have no idea what you mean by that, and I really just do not know what to say at this point.

    It is fine I am able to copy and paste and-YOU'VE MADE ME UNCOMFORTABLE TALKING AT ALL NOW YOU BASTARD!

    I am rather puzzled at this point. I now feel ashamed to use ANY accent possible.

    What is the point of that song!?
    That is only because of my accent being mixed with an American accent! Why must you make everything a bally contest?! I have a ghetto accent too and I'm not afraid to use it!

    I am going to enjoy smashing you ol' boy-- for saying that you have made a rival.
    Oh sorry about that, if my tone of language alters. Being in London for many years will do that to you. I assure you though, I am indeed American. I just very much contain the vocabulary of... well the CHAPS.

    1504 6093 1211 is mine; so add away ol' bean!

    Hahaha! I say, goodness me. XD
    Exactly, BY GEORGE YOU HAVE A BALLY 3DS?!?!--Ahem, would you like to add each other?

    Too late, you already convinced me that you are, in fact, the oldest one on sppf. Pip pip;
    Well you tell me when you are almost-- or roughly 92% ready so I can start getting ready.

    And what makes you think you're not the oldest one here? o_O
    Yes indeed I am, why hmm?

    Trying to escape the fact that ye olde days are not here anymore? It's fine, I'll still be with you to celebrate your 97th birthday.
    It is those who are humble, who posses the most wisdom.

    But... I fear this meeting is in vain. For I, am from the darkside. *slowly drifts to the darkside*
    NO if i play that song, i will be vary if someone throws me. i will explode! if you know what is prinny lol.

    though i like to win myself -_-

    we should battle when i go active once more. now i just do some stuff in the forum and leave.
    i forgot how to win already.

    LOL maybe i aren't a F person if i want to win. i am not eager to win in this! oh no...

    lol i posted in your thread. oops.

    maybe you need to slap me for that lol. i guess playing pokemon too long makes me ahh unmotivated. LOL
    lol it is ok. lost to ivs plus 252 ev for that. my hidden power fire did peanuts a pokemon that has 31 iv for spec def plus 252 ev grass pokemon.

    haha i don't intend to win so that is what i get~
    hi syrus! i lost in the tourney match so i can't go to semis.

    anyway i will be inactive after tourney ends. i hope the pokemon hatchling is ready when i come back. you can check my sig if you want to see the details for the hatching requirements.
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