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  • geez you want explosion i can give you 6 folds if you want.

    that is cheap of you. lame.

    it is ok. i guess i can only reach that far with uu.
    lol if i do that i can forget about studying -_-

    i shall stick to my uu team. pretty limited choice i have as mostly i have nu and nfe pokemon.

    see you in the room!
    nah i only register to one anime site. hehe.

    oh hold on.

    i can go for uu battle if you wish. we haven't tried that yet right?
    lol. can't answer to that.

    damn why my internet sucks right now -_- i can't watch on live stream on animecrazynet...

    i guess i have to tweet my internet connection again.

    want to battle ou mix on wifi ds battle before i watch one last anime episode?

    cause i watched some cool anime. uh girls may like it only because it is pretty much pretty boy anime...
    it is evening here though.

    haha. i shall see you then~ i am offline for today.
    That’s what she said

    He’s my God. You make it sound like we’re together. We’re just good friends

    lol they call you to work?

    that is hmm lucky and sad. not many people get a job like that.
    damn i missed you again.

    i guess it is back to weekend for chat. i shall go to bed.
    I can understand that. I mean I love being an uncle, but at the same time part of being the uncle is they are behave for you amd trust you with things that they don't tell their parents and you help them out of jams. I mean if I did have kids either in by finding someone and being with them or one night stand things, that's the kind of stuff that leads to fights unless they act the same way.

    But on the good side, I ahve found someone who said if we ever marry she'd let me name our first son Bruce Wayne.

    I don't know.

    Just you're only a few days older than me, and I wouldn't want kids that young

    well yeah.

    and i fell sick because i play it too eagerly. -_-

    wish you can drop by like now as in the morning my wifi is best. oh well.
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