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  • What are you studying? Just work and getting thing set up at my new place.

    lol you could use that team against my unowns -_- i trained them!

    i should locked my door when i play pokemon -_-

    LOL i dun want forever alone! i just not ready for love yet lol.

    fishing? GO FISH MAGIKARP! cool you are going out for a fishing trip with him!

    oh one sided? my parents trust me but not my mum sometimes, especially when she saw me battling you that day lol.

    ok i got to go to bed. going for a run before daybreak!

    merry christmas syrus!
    i only have girls i can trust. and 3 guys -_- but lol i prefer to be at a distance from them. i don't want to get in a relationship as i have things i want to do as a single.

    you met cleft in real life? O_O so i knew it! he is a stalker!

    i guess my family really cares for me alot. you know what they say if they scold you. it is for your own good D:
    oh no.

    good thing i drank with my family. if i drink with guys and get drunk, i will be in a bad situation O_O
    lol dun know. did i have fun when i am drunk? i remember being like in a dream world or something LOL.

    lol no that time i drank alcohol for the first time. of course i became drunk!
    lol i got drunk and i walked away from my family into an unknown street and they panicked to find me!

    so it is not good to get drunk haha. i drank rice vine. just 2 sips to get drunk lol.

    haha. i don't think you get find that vodka in Scotland. i found this in australia.
    lol you could go for monthly drinking but not so much in dosage!

    haha. i did get drunk before. when i was 11 years old -_-
    lol i don't drink for christmas.

    because it is embarrassing to drink like that!

    and really? do you get drunk before?
    lol you are very smart. i mean it.

    i like vodka Cruiser. new fav taste for me! that is the one i drank one litre. oh it is a mix of pomegranate and blackcurrant. no wonder it tastes sweet and masked the overpowering tastes of vodka!
    lol wut country? here is nor more than 723.2 km² of land area!

    you mean my ability? LOL useless ability lol. i don't like beer due to its sizzling bitter taste. yuck. lol.
    lol i can't go that far to get drunk!

    i do have a high tolerance to alcohol. i think it is genetic cause i drink a litre of pomegranate vodka and i don't get drunk...

    i like quiet place too. but here is never quiet...the whole country is noisy. well i stay in a small country that is.
    hmm surprisingly today is cloudy!

    ooh so many people in the city area! i think it is the time of year to get wasted lol.
    well yeah hippowdon is OU anyway. using not many ous is a big challenge for me.

    maybe i should use a weaker team instead. you maybe in a big surprise that your opponent you want to beat can't match me! i didn't say about winning but the choice of pokemon!

    good night syrus! drinking cold drinks doesn't makes you sleep well -_-
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