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  • garchomp is uber. my gibite is nu.

    actually. whew. it was a close battle. even so good thing my hidden power comes in handy. my rhyperior didn't get to show off -_-

    you know i totally don't learn from cleft recommendation. this battling alone is based on my own experience in battling. this team isn't my strongest team as you can see and full of flaws. to win is purely strategy and luck...

    your snorlax is just hard to counter to me.
    lol don't feel bad about it.

    what he knows all about you? does that makes him a stalker?

    actually it does keep me warm. i mean cold drinks. kind of giving my brain the false impression that i am warm but actually i am freezing!

    and yes there is hidden kanto BGM there. but i don't get to hear the whole thing because the party was noisy.
    lol no worries. i have my art account anyway -_-

    ok entering the room soon!

    and what common sense? lol i do not have common sense in business. and i thought drinking cold drinks in winter keeps you warm lol.

    5th gen can be fun. but i think too much details make it not as nice as the older versions. the bgm is kind of screechy too.
    maybe you need to totally cover your face with a scarf LOL.

    haha. it can't be his art style. i know his art style very well and i do not have that software to make it as close as his.

    ok so vm me if you are ready for battle!

    you know i played my cousin's black version and gosh the area is too huge and too flashy!

    ok ds battle again? i still have to go for doubles though. singles is too hard for me to form a proper team.

    lol yeah it is my art. pokemon company copyright. lol
    what do you mean? i like to battle strong people like you. you mean you are too tired to battle now?

    here is not snowing but raining either. even so it is cold. i stay near the equator and yet it is cold is weird enough.

    i posted a christmas art on my profile wall. feel free to see it before it moves down to the next page!
    merry christmas to you too~

    i don't mind to rematch you again now if you wish.

    it is christmas day for me! good thing i don't fall sick (because of the weather).

    trickroom pretty much messed up my team. gallade using trick room shocked me. so does seed bomb snorlax.

    epic fail for me but i don't mind it.
    if dc, it could be my internet.

    anyway it will be a great battle i hope.

    and so i will be offline here.
    Currently EV Training and may not be back for a while.

    Just for everyone I might've challenged earlier to a Battle.
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