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I've been playing Pokémon since I was 7 and I began watching the anime when it first came here in Mexico in 1999 when I was a little toddler.
Games: Pokémon Emerald, FireRed, Pearl, Platinum, White, White 2, Alpha Sapphire. I'm divided on either Sun or Moon.
Favourite anime series? I'd say Diamond and Pearl, but XY and XYZ are very close.
Least favourite? Has to be Best Wishes :/ I didn't liked Ash's "reboot" back to the stupid 10 years old kid he was at the beginning of the anime nor the departure of Brock.
Other things:
I'm a huge Beatlemaniac! I also listen to Pink Floyd, Queen... I tend to enjoy music from 1989 and earlier more than I like current music, but there are many exceptions, as I also like some music from Oasis, Muse, Coldplay, etc., and whatever songs happen to be in the current FIFA game. I also love the songs from the Pokémon games, and I like the anime's openings and endings too, but I think that's all the J-pop I listen :p
I also play guitar and bass pretty well and I know a tiny bit of piano. I've got a Yamaha ERG 121C electric guitar, and a MIDI synthesiser (also a Yamaha).
Other passion of mine is drawing and writing, but mostly drawing. Currently, I'm refining my skills on my Wacom tablet. I mainly draw humans, and I dare to say I'm not that bad.
You can find me on Tumblr as nocunoct.
I'm a massive fan of football. My favourite team, no, my only true love is Tigres UANL, who play in my city. However, I also like and support other teams from across the world, such as Sheffield Wednesday, Barça, Inter, Celtic, Monaco and Boca Jrs. among others.
And of course, I also play other videogames, including FIFA, GTA, SimCity (3000 and 4), Cities Skylines, RollerCoaster Tycoon (and Planet Coaster in the near future), and OpenTTD; the open source version of Transport Tycoon.

So, yeah...

I wrote pretty much everything I like above :I
Mar 21, 1997 (Age: 26)
Monterrey, Mexico
Favourite Pokémon
College (Language Sciences) student, (freshman)