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  • name the pokemon you have to offer. If you have something i really want. I might trade 2 pokemon for it.
    Considering I've gotten pretty much what I need...Yeah, I would suppose so...

    Thanks for offering anyway. It's been good chatting with you. :)
    lol...I've got quite a bunch of good and rare pokemon myself. lol

    The wifi team in my sig are ALL custom RNG's...All flawless Shiny Pokemon, EV-trained myself in my own desired spreads...I've got about six, maybe seven others like them.
    I have all three crown dogs, of which Suicune is flawless. One of the others is too...

    I forgot to add them to my list of events in my shop. :p
    I've actually got a DW Shiny Flawless Dragonite, EV-trained by myself...:p

    It's got Extremespeed, Dragon Dance, Outrage, and Stone Edge, EV-trained in Attack and Speed. It's a custom RNG that I had named Defiance. Sorry.
    Why don't you send me a complete list of your shinies? I would like natures and IV's included...

    Not to mention if in the rare case they happen to be able to be named, I would also like to know that...:)
    One more thing: as for Shiny trained pokemon, I prefer that I get them untouched. I usually like to raise them my own way, and I tend to have rather unorthodox methods of using them...lol
    Like what sort of berries do you offer? Also, I generally don't really care for random eggmoves or regular DW pokemon unless it's a specific RNG request that I make...Which are almost always shiny AND flawless.

    As for the shinies, if it's able to be nicknamed, I generally value those rather highly...

    And as for the events, usually if it's very rare and highly sought-after, I take interest in those as well...
    Hello, I needed a pokemon (or two) cloned a few times, and Gad referred me to you. Is it possible for you to clone a few?
    Sorry, I can't clone :c. However, ShadowKyogre443 is on quite often and would probably be willing to clone, so VM him. Tell him I referred you and he'll probably accept.
    A friend of mine. There's a link to his shop on my shop ^^ He has a list of cloners there, and they're all trustworthy.
    Sorry man, I don't clone as a service. You should ask someone like leppy420 (not sure if he does it as a service either) or someone off Fissurous's shop's list of cloners. :)
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