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Last Activity:
Aug 16, 2019
Feb 6, 2013
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Bangalore, India

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Electrifying., from Bangalore, India

T-Bolt was last seen:
Aug 16, 2019
    1. Ultimate Champion
      Ultimate Champion
      I didn't battle with The Blazing Glaciers during the past few days, so the person you fought wasn't me :) There are many people on Pokémon Showdown!, as well as a couple on Pokémon Online who use my team, and since I made an RMT of it, it's only natural that many people would be using it nowadays.

      Anyway, if you want tips from me about Ãœbers, you should read this PasteBin document I once wrote (it's very outdated though, and I no longer agree with some of the things I wrote there, but I guess it could still be used as a rough guide).

      As for Deoxys-A, many people don't use it mainly because it's a one-dimensional offensive threat that cannot switch into anything (whereas many other Pokémon, such as Dialga, Palkia, Giratina-O, Ho-Oh and Arceus-Ghost, despite being immensely powerful offensive threats just like Deoxys-A itself, also greatly contribute to a team's defensive synergy by being able to switch into other Pokémon and counter/check them thanks to their typing, bulk, or a combination of the two), and also because of opportunity cost, since it has to compete with Deoxys-S for a team spot. Deoxys-A is still #21 in usage on Pokémon Showdown! last month though, which isn't too bad, especially when you consider that many other excellent Pokémon, such as Latios, Latias, Shaymin-S, Tyranitar, Terrakion and Reshiram have even lower usage than it.
    2. Lt. BLEU™
      Lt. BLEU™
      woah..!great best of luck..!btw wer do you live in india?
    3. Deadly.Braviary
      You're from Bangalore?! :O it's a small world.

    4. Rosez66
      I have a seedot DW female.
    5. Shreyas
      Bit late, but thanks for the suggestion on fake out, I added it in the guide :)
    6. Sid87
      Oh, I haven't checked yet today. Awesome! I'll be happy to add you and read your comments soon!
    7. Knightfall
      I just wanted to thank you for your comment. I was wondering if you would like to be on the PM list for my story. It'll allow you to keep better tabs on when I update and such. Just tell me if you want to. Thanks again.
    8. The Great Butler
      The Great Butler
      Hi, I just thought I would send you a reminder that the nominations period for the Fanfiction Awards is going to expire on Wednesday, so if you'd like to add any further nominations, you should do it soon.
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  • About

    Bangalore, India
    Favourite Pokémon:
    Since I'm bored, I've decided to make a bio. I'm not going to reveal any personal details though.

    I'm a competitive battler, and I often build teams around my favorite pokemon, or a pokemon I'm desperate to try out. I also often use lesser used pokemon, and unusual sets in my teams. If you're battling me, expect to be surprised!

    I don't accept random friend requests, so make sure that I get to know you or we have something in common (other than liking pokemon) before you send me a friend request.

    Some battle videos that I decided to preserve by putting them here for reasons I don't remember-




    OU Monotype


    Credit to Ayra for the profile pic.

    Pokemon, yoga, singing, playing chess, football, playing the violin, whistling tunes.


    Veneno Oscuridad- 1 battle
    5 points​