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Last Activity:
Aug 16, 2019
Feb 6, 2013
Likes Received:
Bangalore, India

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Electrifying., from Bangalore, India

T-Bolt was last seen:
Aug 16, 2019
    1. Minedreigon
      The plumbing and a nearby pond is our guess to where they are coming from. Doesn't help that they are the biggest we get around here.

      Sweet! Enjoying it?
    2. RzK
      I mean certain people don't ref or order for days and days [like the person I'm battling right now Tyoyo3131.] What I want to say is, "Dude at least order once every second day." And slow opponent + slow ref is torture. One can be tolerated but both....
    3. RzK
      Thank you so much for all the advice, Bangalorean Thunderbolt. But I don't mind being bad in ASB, I just want faster matches. Matches go on for so long that I lose track. The only solution in my opinion would be multiple refs for one match with different time zones. And that has 0% chance of happening.
    4. Minedreigon
      My house has water spiders. Urgh.

    5. RzK
      Hello Bangalorean Thunderbolt, how're you doing?
    6. Schaden Freude
    7. Schaden Freude
    8. Schaden Freude
      Schaden Freude
      You're up against SS.
    9. Shadowshocker
      Yeah, the person who posts their squad seconds sends out their Pokemon first.
    10. Shadowshocker
    11. RzK
      Hmm. Maybe.
    12. Lt. BLEU™
      Lt. BLEU™
      Well, that's awesome!

      Not really, not very new like about 3-4 year old...I get payed, I'm happy. I'm wanting be an entrepreneur though...

      I see. I'll let you know if I need matches refereed..
    13. Lt. BLEU™
      Lt. BLEU™
      Bloody hell, 95!! Jeez!!

      Well, I'm a head designer in a web-designing firm. I love it!

      Yea, no. Haven't seen RZK for a while again...Tell me what's new and all and I'll be willing to pick up any matches from OC. What grade ref are you?
    14. Deadly.Braviary
      That's too bad that you didn't do as good as you hoped, but congratulations on graduating, though! :)
      Eh, I don't visit Serebii that often anymore. I just play Showdown once in a while with some other friends.
    15. RzK
      I want to battle a friend though.
    16. Lt. BLEU™
      Lt. BLEU™
      What up?? I got an amazing Job!! I can sit home for hours doing nothing at all drinking Juice and playing FIFA15 all day long! You might wanna take this opportunity to lure me back into ASB!!
    17. RzK
      I don't know why I feel like doing ASB again.
    18. Deadly.Braviary
      Hey there T-Bolt! It's been a while. How're you doing?
      I'm getting back into competitive battling ... You still play PS? If you do we could play again for old times' sake.
    19. Mew The Gato
      Mew The Gato
      Done. Here it is.
    20. Volcer
      Animewaffles, you?
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  • About

    Bangalore, India
    Favourite Pokémon:
    Since I'm bored, I've decided to make a bio. I'm not going to reveal any personal details though.

    I'm a competitive battler, and I often build teams around my favorite pokemon, or a pokemon I'm desperate to try out. I also often use lesser used pokemon, and unusual sets in my teams. If you're battling me, expect to be surprised!

    I don't accept random friend requests, so make sure that I get to know you or we have something in common (other than liking pokemon) before you send me a friend request.

    Some battle videos that I decided to preserve by putting them here for reasons I don't remember-




    OU Monotype


    Credit to Ayra for the profile pic.

    Pokemon, yoga, singing, playing chess, football, playing the violin, whistling tunes.


    Veneno Oscuridad- 1 battle
    5 points​