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  • No, it does not. The unlikely situation, as you stated, is not unfair, but the last person's fault.

    No. That logic is flawed. It is not like that always.

    4 in total. That is not 10. And 5 days did not pass. So it was unfair.
    That situation does not make sense at all.

    You did not agree to my suggestion of not letting the nominators vote at all. *Paradox*

    No. Your logic is flawed in the big picture. Why do we need that "except one"?

    You do not agree with not letting the nominators not vote at all. You do not agree with voting for our own. Then voting for something else? Does not work. How is it better? We make a decision which is bad from our perspective deliberately? Is that not some kind of betrayal? It is not like the big picture argument works here, because there is no single correct choice.

    Because only three people voted. Then bleuumbreon closed the poll. When it could be helped. Three is such an insignificant number of votes.
    Oh dear, Valaraukar says its a horrible rule. >_<
    Two against two. We have to consult Fitzy and Bleu now. >_< ¬_¬
    Honestly, this is the first time I'm seeing him acting so...adamant.
    Seriously, we do need it....
    Anyway we are two against one already =_=;/
    Because if we do not believe that the other sets are better, why would we vote for one which, according to us, is a bad choice?

    Fewer voters. Heh. And you were fine with three voters voting and poll closed? -_-
    Nope, that would be like supporting the cause of ruining the CCAT.

    Instead, it is better to make it so the people who nominate do not vote at all.
    Pls convince AWildMew....e that we should not vote for our own nomination...hell do the political leaders of our country vote for themselves in the elections? O_O:p
    That issue was clarified. Yes, it was. It does not make sense if we nominate a Pokemon just to vote for something else.

    Everyone can vote for their own Pokemon, so it is fair. If they do not vote for their own, it is not that it is unjust, but it is their fault. And they must deal with it.
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