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  • Does anyone know how to attach a trainer card onto my About me? Back when I first made this account it was much easier!
    Sorry mate, I have to pay my Rent and travel fares to get to work, I can't afford a 3DS just like that :)
    OMG now I really really want to play it :( Maybe I can rent a DS3 or something....is the DS2 game version just as good? Are DS2s cheaper or more expensive to buy than DS3s?
    I am a fan! I have a problem though. The cost for me to play this game is not simply the cost of the game. I don't own a 3DS..... though for the record, if I got it, it would only be for this game (I don't play any others on game boys/Nintendo machines)

    What's best about it? :)
    Hey sorry I didn't reply for so long! So I am a blonde but I have short blonde hair and I wear a wig whenever I'm feeling courageous :p I haven't played pokemon in ages either! I haven't rejected it, but |I just don't have time with this job....thank goodness for the bank holiday weekend.

    6 day weeks huh? What do you do with your precious days off? :p Do you get a holiday on Monday too? :)
    Hi matey! Ah facebook games, I'm afraid I avoid them like the plague :p I only use mine to keep in contact with old friends, arrange reunions and post the odd photo XD But congratulations on your Canadian Megaclan! What a fun and successful start to the New Year for you! :)
    Hi, sorry it's been so long! I'm right in the middle of the busiest transition period of my life, pretty much - turning from a kid living at home off my parents to an independent adult living and working off my own income. It'll be tough, I have a new house and a new job from next week! Plus I've started learning to drive, and I nearly finished too - but I failed my test on Wednesday :( Then again, I can't really afford a car right now anyway! But I'm going to have to get four wheels soon...

    Haha, so you've been trapped in Diablo III for a while then? At least you're enjoying your summer :) Who's better at the game, you or your cousin? :p
    OMFG!!! Has anyone else heard of the new pokemon game coming out in Oct? Apparently it is 5th gen 2!!! YES I mean Black 2 / White 2 just changing a few things and adding another form for the rare dogs from the 1st and giving the rare ice type dragon from 5th gen 1 2 new forms and they'll be on the cover for B2 and W2 HOW DUMB R U KIDDING ME WOW!!! Only 2 new pokemon and we are suppose to buy it??? WOW
    Haha, I thought it needed an update though, seeing as I'm moving on to the real world! I played Diablo II when I was younger for a few days, but I never really got into it. But even though I don't know the specifics, your barbarian guy sounds pretty tough!

    Yeah I hope I don't get radiation poisoning! I think that's pretty unlikely though :) I am so excited! My first trip abroad alone, should be awesome.
    Hey, I'm okay thank you! I got home from university for the last time ever yesterday, since I've graduated.... I'm gonna miss it a lot :(

    But in just over a week I'm going to Japan, so all is good :D Have you heard about the guy who finally defeated Diablo III on expert level with a killable character? It sounds really difficult! How are you?
    Haha! What's "4 months of Babie" mean? Well done on doing well on your research paper! What was it about?

    My exams finish on the 5th June, but I won't go home until 29th June. Got lots of graduation parties to enjoy in the middle! I had a lovely birthday, 21 friends came to the party, and 12 stayed overnight ^_^ Sure, next time at home we can do wifi pokemon stuffz! Until then I have to study and such xD;
    Oh cool, you got it back! I couldn't last more than a week without my ipod <3. But raising a team is the best thing about the pokemon games! Admittedly I cheat sometimes, like the money cheats on Tycoon PC games and the Sims, haha.

    Oh, Margaret Atwood, is that a literature module? How long does it need to be? And 4 months off, nice! Got plans? I get two months off after June before starting work, should be fun! Not much new here, just enjoyed my birthday, and now back to studying... Haha thanks, you can work miracles with uber-photo-editing nowadays :p
    Hahaha your cousins sound like right rascals! I hope you've managed to win some time for yourself since they were apparently being little monsters the last time :p Seriously though, when are you going to get your stuff back? I mean, they might be planning to give the ipod/DS back next time around, but you can never trust people to be careful with your stuff. Good luck with those two!

    How's the rest of life handling?
    GOD DAMMIT I cannot believe what the world is coming to. When I was young I was a well behaved boy if anyone where to ask my mom she would say I was better when I was younger, especially compared to me being older. In the last 2years I've had 2 of my cousins who I am very good towards steal from me and they would say I was the best cousin ever even make me an award (before they did it). One of them took my ipod which is worth hundreds of dollars and was my treasure and the other took my complete pokedex game which is black. Both of these cousins live in another town very sneaky little boys I never did anything like that ever. Fortunately I realized right away but I had to wait a day for my ipod and since I was at college when they left with my black game I have to wait 3 days OMFG I planned to play it during these days to get my guys to lvl 100.
    I keep clicking on the non-forum pages by accident.... xD;

    How has your return to college been? I'm nearly on holiday here, I only have one class left. What's the new John Cater movie called? :)
    Haha, if you need any help updating a pokedex I'll have my DS to hand again in a week or two :)
    Wow I'm totally confused by the new forum layout. It may take some time to become familiarised....

    How are you doing? College been alright? When's your next holiday? :)
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