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  • It seems good, but Rock Slide would give more coverage. Exeption for the Electric, which often is fraile enough for a Close Combat to kill.
    (sorry for late reply, but once again, you didn't post at my profile)
    Flamethrover should be Fire Punch or Flare Blitz (if you go physical)
    Blast Burn should be Rock Slide.
    yea so iv heard. im trying to think of something to replace my infernapes blast burn with. people r suggesting grass knot but i hate that move lol
    And just drop me a mesg if you need help whith something :)

    Hey, you know those recharge moves? ? They have 150 in base power, but Flamethrover is better than Blast Burn.
    As stated earlier, Same Attack Type Bonus.
    A sample: A fire pokemon uses a fire move. Then, that move will eal 1.5 more damage, as the user and move are of the same type.
    Then, it's a good option. BUT, they are thinking it's a bad idea as you didn't mention your tactic whith it.
    well i do switch out if possible but when the situation arises that i cnt switch out then i rely on his speed and attack to do the job for me
    Oh... Well, it sure is a good thought but have a look. Is it 100% sure that he can K.O it? No. It can be holding a Focus Sash, or it might not even effect it. So, what will happen then? They'll probable send a Water attack on you, and Infernape is fragile enough to die from it.
    So instead, switch to a Pokemon who can handle it easier.
    i know about breeding and shinies. but its the tactics. like i taught my infernape thunder punch to counter water but most people said this was a bad idea and idk y
    What would you like to here first?

    Standard Tactics
    Advanced Breeding
    Shinies - What they are
    Shinies - How to get them
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