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  • Eh. I do much prefer physical Arcanine. Competitively, it is just better to take advantage of his great attack stats and physical movepool
    Interesting view. Perhaps I grew up immersed in stories about political turbulence, especially the kind that ended with overthrown leaders. I also happened to focus on things that even the people around me didn't know much about, if within their specific areas of the world. If it was the Middle East, then I had some special attention paid to the Kurds. If we're talking East Asia, I could say a word or four in support of Japan's culture of cuteness. Call it a preference for overarching principles and strategies, and my main themes could surprise the others. Do you know anything about a political analyst named Walter Russell Mead, by chance?
    To post the picture, you put image tags around the url of the image itself. image tags look like this without the dots [IMG.] [/IMG.]
    You highlight it then click the globe with a chain and paste the url in the given text box. Btw, not sure if you know, but to put up a new poll, you have to ask a mod to take it down
    Hello. I recall seeing you a few times in my main political thread in the Debate Forum, and I'll admit to developing an increasing level of curiosity about some of the debaters. As far as I can tell, BigLutz and LDSman are the main right-leaning political junkies, while Maedar and Silver Soul lean leftward, assuming that we're still using the main divisions of the American political spectrum. Would you mind if I asked what you would opine about my political orientation, based on the news I most often mention and the websites I most often analyze?
    Sorry about that. I left the club page open while looking for one of my manga books. My brother was by the computer when I came back. I'll try to be more responsible.
    To add a poll, on the top you will see a bar with options like "Search Thread" and "Thread Tools"
    Click Thread Tools and there should be an option that says "Add Poll"
    Tried that didn't work and I did a post preview and it doesn't work as well. Guess I'll have to inform staff.
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