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  • Chapter 2

    We meet our heroes as Dawn was about to experience a Pikachu's thunderbolt attack.

    Dawn: *Screams*
    Ash: *Jumps in front of Dawn* NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!
    Our Hero Ash remains unconcious for 10 minutes, that is; 10 minutes of Dawn and Pikachu arguing
    Dawn: You're finally up, I thought you were dead
    Pikachu: Pika... (Sorry Ash...)
    Ash: It's ok buddy, anyways... I didn't catch your name. I'm Ash from Pallet Town, and you are...
    Dawn: I'm Dawn (He's soo cute)
    Ash: So where are you headed to?
    Dawn: Sandgem City, what about you?
    Ash: Me too, why don't you and me go there together?
    Dawn: Sure!
    ???: Miss, our hearts are destined for each other's wi...
    Ash: *Sighs* My best guess is that it's Brock
    Dawn: Who's Brock?
    Ash: A travelling partner of mine throughout the Kanto and Johto regions
    Brock: Ash? Who's this with you, your girlfriend?
    Ash and Dawn: NO!!! *Both Blush*
    Brock: (I can tell that they will make a great couple) So where are you guys off to?
    Ash: Sandgem City
    Brock: I'll come with you guys, and i'll make us and the pokemon food.
    Dawn: Sounds great!

    After our heroes traverse for 3 hours, they have decided to set up camp on route 201.What will our heroes face in the next chapter? Find out next time!

    p.s. I need help deciding on a name for this story.
    Chapter 1

    We start our journey in Twinleaf town, a small town in which we will find a young blunette riding her brand new bike to Professor Rowan's laboratory right about...now

    ??? : OH GOD I'M LATE!!! Bye mom!
    ??? :Bye Dawn, see you later!
    Dawn: Ok mom, bye!
    Rides bike as fast as she could to Professor Rowan's lab
    Ash: PIKACHU!!! Where is he? Staravia... I choose you!!!
    Staravia: STARAVIA!!! ( I here to help Ash!)
    Ash: Staravia, let's go find Pikachu!
    Staravia: STAR!!! ( Right!)
    Dawn: *Pants* Sorry Professor... that... I'm late
    Prof. Rowan : Good thing you made it at the time you did, there's only one Po...
    Dawn: I'LL TAKE IT!!!
    Prof. Rowan: Ok... Good luck then with this Piplup
    Dawn: Don't worry about it! Goodbye!
    Dawn is riding her bike as fast as she can to make it to the next city
    Dawn: *Stops bike and pulls out Pokedex* What's that Pokemon?
    Pikachu, the mouse Pokemon. It can generate electric attacks from the electric pouches located in both its cheeks.
    Dawn: GO POKEBALL!!! *Throws Pokeball*
    Pikachu: Pika! ( Ow! )
    Dawn: Why didn't it work, it's supposed to catch wild Pokemon. Am I right?

    End of Chapter 1
    Please let me know what to do for the next chapter!
    Thanks for reading my first chapter, even though it was really short. I ran out of time, I'll make it up to you guys in the next chapter!!!
    Welcome! I need an idea for a pokemon pearlshipping story. If any of you have any, please let me know. Thanks PearlShippers!
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