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Recent content by Tabs The Omnipotent Hamster

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    battle with the uber legendaries: your proud moments

    The Pokemon XD Lugia has Psycho Boost and Featherdance.
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    Would you consider this cheating?

    You can use it, but you'll incur negative karma while doing so. Expect your house to get run over by a train within the week.
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    Forum Drama

    Delete the Shipping Forum, and create a some sort of arena where Steele and Kate can tear at each others throats like rabid game dogs. 80% of this forums problems solved in one fell swoop. Names on the right, fellas.
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    Fail Threads/Quotes

    The Creme Eggs thread is making me weep out of embarrassment.
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    Fail Threads/Quotes

    Don't let them drag you down Namuskull! Become the ruling body!
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    When Nature Strikes!

    Please tell me this is a typo. /content: i walked through 6km of waist-high snake-infested grass for a cross-country once. Luckily, it was winter.
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    New Name For My Band

    Champions of the Clusterfuck Congregation
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    Ask a Question Thread 4.0!

    Can someone give me a EV spread for an offense orientated Togekiss?
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    The "How to get rich quick" scam thread

    Buy cheap coat hangers, and sell them at nightclubs.
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    THIS GAME IS SO HARD ;O; - PMD [All Versions] Help Thread

    Can someone give me a list of all the Key Chambers in Sky?
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    Useful Wonder Mail S Thread.

    An easier Mystery Part mission: Beach Cave 4f RQ-7T @@63F2+ FJ9WN Y9@9W X4S9TW& PCS@J
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    Biggest 'ouch' moments

    A short list: -Broken arm -Glass embedded in foot -A big-ass splinter -inhaled toilet cleaner -diarrhea -Bleeding out of every orifice imaginable -Multiple (plastic, thank you)balls to the crotch
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    From what I recall, copper is much cheaper than gold. Using gold would push the production costs up, making the games much more expensive. If you took care of your games in the first place they might not corrode as easily