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Last Activity:
Mar 24, 2011
Jul 2, 2009
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Well-Known Member, from South Yorkshire, England

Tad was last seen:
Mar 24, 2011
    1. Flyfishyfish
      Lol i see your icon is a shiny luxray and i have one and i was wondering if maybe you would be intrested in it?
    2. Fjortis
      Oh, crap, thats true, did not know that :o
    3. Fjortis
      its from frlg, why wouldnt u want it because of that?
    4. Fjortis
      got salac and sp attack berry to? i want all three for that suicune, its UT ofc
    5. Fjortis
      I have legit bold suicune.

      What do u have to offer? Do you have statraising berrys like leichi?
    6. AyameHikaru
      No prob. :) Always glad to help out.

      I do IV breed, but I'm in the middle of two projects right now. When I'm done with one I'll be happy to. What you after?
    7. AyameHikaru
      Hey, I saw your post in the trading thread and I just thought I'd let you know that you can't get a flying Pikachu right now. The only legit ones were given out on GBA, and in order to pal park them you'd have to get rid of HM moves. :) Just a heads up so you don't get a hack. You can still get the event, but it will have forgotten Fly.
    8. Nebbio
      Whats IV? And I have 5 Lvl 100.
    9. Nebbio
      Who do you have anyway? Any lvl 100s?
    10. Nebbio
      I can't I have only a broken DS. I'm getting a new one. Ask me again next week. Sorry.
    11. Nebbio
      Can I copy you and make a to do list on my sig?
    12. dstenshi
      and I have tms for ice beam and thunderbolt, and shadowball and giga drain and earthquake.
    13. DialgaMan
      That's why you ask someone else to do a Job that you don't like and pay him/her for it :P

      So any offers you can make me XD ?
    14. DialgaMan
      Shinies, Events, Ev'd, Iv'd in particular

      But that may be a little much for some trainers, so you may just offer me ^_^
    15. DialgaMan
      I have them all, anything else?
    16. DialgaMan
      What can you give for Bold Syncher?
    17. kyogre A
      kyogre A
      ok battle now
    18. kyogre A
      kyogre A
      hi do you want to battle in pokemon battle revolution me code 0860-9176-5736 Thank you ^_^
    19. Ampy
      Hey, man I need more people on my forum... check it out ;]
    20. SupremeJudicator
      well I've never been much of a competitive battler. I like to make teams (usually from the lower teirs) that have interesting move combos, or that are my favorites. I've never actually worried too much about IVs.
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  • About

    South Yorkshire, England
    Favourite Pokémon:


    LF :
    Bold Suicune
    IV Breeder
    Modest Arceus (Just to check if mines cloned I don't want to trade for it)
    Plat FC : 4425 8642 1109