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  • Well, yeah. It's no Drowzee fingers. But your third might be something awesome like Heracross or Galvantula or Vivillon.
    Almost forgot! If you haven't learned what's in your Safari yet, you have Illumise and Ledyba. The third is hidden until we're playing, online, at the same time. Oh, and happy new year/merry Christmas and all that. =)
    No, I never have. Is that animated too, or no?

    There's not a lot, is there? But what there is, at least, is some of the best. Still, I'd take Platinum's post-game any day. And cool, I'll add you next I'm on. Mine is 2723 9573 9029 (I have Y). I'm a little disappointed with my Psychic safari: Drowzee, Wobbuffet, and Gothorita. But have you seen a Drowzee in Kalos yet? It's got the best hands of any Pokemon. X)
    Huh. Maybe I'm confusing that with making them.

    Daria, wow. I think you're pretty much dating us, there. Daria was early 90's MTV stuff, back when music television contained music come of the time.

    Excited and then some. Playing, but slowly. How's it going for you? Wanna exchange 3DS codes? I'm always looking for other-ID Pokémon to make breeding easier. =)
    Yes, that's it. We've also seen shiny Chespin - green shelling replaced with blue.

    Oh, alright. Yeah, I can imagine - we always make a point of letting the kids know that being in charge of an organization's finances is a serious vote of confidence. It takes quite the trustworthy character to be given the position. Anyway, for a second there I thought you were saying that book-keeping was a joyful hobby of yours, but my reading comprehension caught up with your writing acuity, hah. But that's neat, then. Some folks have hobbies like tv watching or raising children. Yours is one that keeps the brain working, nice. Still Pokémon, or do you branch out into other fandoms?

    Well, it was really just luck to have found a position in my field right out of school, and given the risks of the job it's not exactly one people were clamoring to apply for. School shouldn't be a problem; more intensive study, but being a student is about all I'm really good for, ahaha. Your praiseful words are appreciated, though excessive. ^_^;
    Have you seen shiny Fennekin? It's brilliant.

    Wow, that is fortunate. All the dental office receptionists I've ever known have been kind, happy, and apparently well-compensated for their work. Can I ask what you do when you keep books? The amusing idea of taking bets at sporting events rises persistently to mind, but that's only called book-keeping when "bookie" has too much of a scoundrel ring to it. It's good to hear you're still plying your craft of writing. Given the origins and success of the Fifty Shades and Twilight series, one can confirm that there is a legitimate market for fanfiction reads - and I would stake my left frontal lobe on a wager that you're more talented an author than either of those responsible for the two literary disgraces just mentioned.

    Ah, I got myself into a rough little counseling position for "at-risk, urban youths." I help them acquire and retain employment. There's a little bit of armed robbery stuff, gang violence stuff, and homicide stuff, but it's a paycheck. I start a grad program in neuroscience and education next week. Ever the student, I am.
    Do you have a preference yet? They all look very great this time around. (Never did get real cozy with Tepig, unfortunately.)

    You preach to the choir. But cake is a group activity. Anyway, what are you doing these days, work-wise, to be an own-living young wonder such as you are? Did you ever break into the interpretation racket?
    Going to at least look into it. Can't promise I will, but more than anything study it and know some facts about it

    None, I guess. Unless you consider it learning Vine Whip by level 5 and Rollout by level 8 spoilers. But yup. Chespin claims my attention like moving lines do a cat's.

    Well, sorry you had to eat cake alone (a very depressing scene), but that's still really cool and very impressive, Tadashi. =D
    I'm looking at law school after I get my business degree

    Very nicely got the sliver ax today, picked up a few

    I will henceforth be humming "Oh, Susanna" all day, nice. Jivin' indeed.

    Oh, I'm sorry, then. Chespin is the name of one of the starter Pokémon. I'll avoid spoiling anything else. >__>;

    Guess you've got a reputation, eh? But having your own place is sure a step on the path, congrats. As a housewarming gift, I am resisting the urge to bust out "tiny" jokes. Like a saint, yo.
    Take over any of the world yet?

    Same old same old. Became part of the Animal Crossing crowd.

    Putting stuff into your eyes is weird and squicky. I'll stick to chats with pleasant friends, thanks.

    The fight to keep oneself pure of spoilers is just too hard. Especially when they're just throwing Chespin at one. But the fact I still feel like the 5th gen came out last week is like looking into a mirror that fast-forwards the passage of time. Eck.

    So how's things? D'you rule Canadia yet?
    Well aren't you a sight for sore eyes. Figures X and Y would catch up to you sooner or later.

    It's real nice to hear from you again, Tadashi. ^_^
    Is it just me or did you and I actually have this conversation three years ago? (Or parts of it anyway. Uncanny.)
    How else would they have the power to get you across a country?

    Their hair doesn't just defy gravity - they break every rule.
    It's a soft sell if you propose hypercatapults as futuristic travel first.

    If the designs were created by the young new Ohmura guy taking over Sugimori's job, I think maybe he's part of the hipster culture. The boy character's hair has hipster written all over it, and the new "Cheren" rival character's hair is like an ironic and androgynous nod to Tina Turner.
    The most fun thing was the airplane ride. In fact my only complaint about air travel is that you need to do it in an airplane. Cross-country ziplines: travel of the future.

    Oh, you mean the Cousin It stuffed inside his hat?
    Oh, you mean the yorkshire terrier riding on his head?
    Oh, you mean the novelty "Orangutan's Backside" cap he's wearing?
    Oh, you mean the failed experiment in homegrown pot he's trying to pass off as a headpiece?

    (I couldn't decide.)
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