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  • Today, particularly, wasn't the best of days, but I'm doing alright overall. I'm lost for words right now... ^_^; So, how's forum-ing and life in general? I hope you didn't contract any type of flu so far, I know quite a lot of people who have. It's rather intimidating, but I'm not too worried over it. =3
    Melon has a new sig to sort of announce her current hiatus sorta properly? XD; Dang I should've attacked you on MSN while I was setting it up. XDDDD
    There's a sexuality for everything nowadays. The next thing you know, there's Garysexual, Brocksexual, Marysuexual, the list could go on if we're not paying enough attention. X3
    Sorry about not getting back to you sooner.

    I still haven't found it :(

    Hopefully I'll find it soon

    I know it is. But when it's your only chance of dealing damage...

    Ouch. Lemme guess, Flame Wheel for the kill?
    Fantina wasn't that hard to beat, just annoying. Duskull burnt my Luxio. I heal it, kill the Duskull. Mismagius comes out. Gets a Shadow Ball crit on Luxio. I raged. Sent out Staravia, it gets promptly blasted away by Psybeam. Prinplup then comes to finish off Mismagius and Haunter. (Or something like that, I recall sending both Espeon and Togetic out.)
    Mostly frustrating, really.

    Barry surprised me with quite high levels. Still easy, though. Got Cosmic Power TWICE with Togetic's Metronome. I was like O_O.
    Plat is awesome. Storyline is better. (And I can also get Espeon and Togekiss before Nat. Dex now!)

    I was considering a grind-fest before doing the 3rd hym but I went, "No, that will take too long, and won't really help me that much (Espeon at 29 still isn't doing anything against the 3rd gym. Tackle and Swift for offense against Ghosts. See the problem?)"
    Here's hoping you get that shiny Horsea.

    Mind you, I only got Platinum, like, two weeks ago, so I'm a little behind the times... ^_^; And I know what I'm going to use. (I already have an Espeon, before the 3rd gym.)
    It has been forever. (Excuse the realllllllyyy late reply because I only saw it today... ^_^;) I've been really good. Real life is fun, I have determined. But then... there are things that just go wrong... Fair to say, I've been on the receiving end of that some more lately. But other than being me, life is good.
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