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  • Hey there, just wanted to say big fan of all of your fanfiction stories. I remember reading them when I first became an Amourshipper a while ago.
    You did just now? Anyway, I'm pleased to hear that! :) (although I was expecting something about the first-person POV, but I'll take it).
    I'm... Extremely bored here lol. Tnx for asking :)

    I did! I have read all of your fics so far. That's a great idea, though it would be a little bit awkward to have Satoshi having a crush on Serena and suddenly being rejected by her. They are the mirror world counterparts, and counterparts usually have the opposite personality and characteristics. And I don't know how you would make it a promising fic though, but I have confidence in you :).

    Anyway, I have written two amour fics. One completed and the other in progress. Have you read them, by any chance? I would be very please if you did, regardless if you critisize my work. I always welcome critisizm :)
    Hi there. Tnx for accepting my FR.
    I'm a fan of yours. Your fic ideas are great! Anyway, how are you?
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