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  • It truly is a wonderful ship and I am proud to support such crack. I even like Subway again, but only because I adore the idea of them sharing a five dollar foot-long. I... have no shame, really. 8)
    I hope that is the case for her icons are the smex. Trufax. 8)

    I THOUGHT YOU'D LIKE HER AFTER LEARNING OF THAT. Ya, she's a total Stalkshipper. Hearts some Tomato, Challenge, Erudite, Manipulate and Connect also. You and ber would totally be BFF's. 8)
    It is a very delicious icon, rite? Every time I see it I just sigh happily and wish my sex life was as active except not really on the latter I'm happy being single for now.

    Psh, the icon maker deserves more than cookies! I was thinking along the lines of hawt Stalkshipping smut or something. 8|aaaaaaaaaaaaa
    Happy birthday taitofan. I had you marked on my calendar with the pseudonym ta-fa.

    Well, I hope you had a great day.

    P.S. It was also the birthday as my aunt and one of my neighbors from Animal Crossing: Wild World.
    Oh, taitofan, if you ever read that message I sent you regarding a Pokemon that didn't belong because there were too many, it turned out I had two Smoochum. So you can forget about the list if you want.
    Hey taitofan, long time no chat.

    Hey, I had a team I wanted to show you. I call it the "Full Moon Team". Yeah, really creative.

    And BTW, is your avatar saying in acknowledgement of that once scene from the Simpsons? It's like he's wearing nothing at all!
    YOUR LIFE IS NOT COMPLETE UNTIL YOU HAVE TRIED SOME. It's bloody sexy stuff. Although I haven't seen it around in my local shops just lately. Baw. ):

    Oh girl, have you heard of Lindt cherry chocolate? If you have have you tried it? It is seriously the best chocolate OF ALL TIME!

    Damn I am making myself hungry.
    I could do with a naisu cherry pie with lots of cream. Instead i'll settle for Matchmakers; mint chocolate sticks. Damn delicious. 8Db
    Yep, I have that pic! IT IS MY PRECIOUS STRATEGISTSHIPPING PIC... well I have to make up my own hints but hey, there's a lot of plotlines that can stem from it!

    I thank you anyway my dear. It seems that the Japanese love their Apollo x Lance and whatever Lance x Lambda is named. NOT THAT I MIND but Strategistshipping is my baby. I want it to be smothered in love. :)
    Will do! Gotta look after the twin! 8Db

    Oh yes, the Christmas list! Imma gonna pester people for icons of the stupid sexy. asdfghjkl; A QUARTET OF HOTNESS!!!!!!!11 *flail* ... and ART? ART ART ART ART LINK ME NAO!!!!!!11111 Lawl at me getting spaztastic even though it could be the one I have. xD;;;

    RELAX IT MADE ME HUNGRY TOO. All I have are Rich Tea biscuits ha ha. 8|a
    :awesome:! I'll be sure to leave some holes at the top and feed you. 8|aaa

    MIRACLES CAN HAPPEN YANNO. Like get this; imma getting art of Strategistshipping! MY LIFE IS COMPLETE. No wait, it'll never be complete cause i'll want more art of it and... yeah.

    The cake be chocolate and cherry and filled with cream! FFFFFF that sounds so crude.
    A RARE SPECIMEN EH? *roots around for a jar*

    I, I no rite? AFTER HOW MANY DAMN YEARS OF TRYING? I think we should celebrate by burying ourseflves in Strategistshipping and Eruditeshipping while eating cake.
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