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  • Hey taitofan, I have a question for you.
    Are you a fan of the Metal Gear series?

    You seemed to have known something about it when I remarked that one of the characters in your sig looked like Ivo "Raidenovitch" Raikov.
    Alicia... 8D

    Any news on HGSS Will Sugimori artworks? xD;;;

    Mwhehehe, do you mind if I drew a pic of Thorton and Will doing some stripping, though I need to know which one should do the stripping... *bricked*
    You know taitofan, I put some thought into a game only X anime only shipping, and I thought of this: Wes X Zoey.

    Truth be told, I don't know much about Zoey, but she seems like a potential character for Wes.

    Any thoughts? Maybe you have some ideas of your own.
    do you have Electirizer
    i have darkira moltres Totodile with blizzerd lavitar with bite Regirock with explosion Sftealth Rock ??
    might as well add you here tooooo!
    i'm basically on a friken awesome friending spreeee! >:D
    not a creeper...at all. maybe a little! D:
    Hey taitofan, would you happen to have Animal Crossing: Wild World?

    If you do, could I visit your town?
    I had some ideas for your face-off, that you can choose to consider or not to consider.

    Best breedable Pokemon shipping- Name a pair of Pokemon that can actually breed. Some people may think that this is a limit on their creativity, but I believe it actually encourages creativity. Besides, how did we get HSOWA?

    Best anime X game character shipping- Get a character that only appears in the anime and a character that only appears in the games (or in a particular game or set of games) and ship them together.

    Once again, these are only suggestions.
    Hey, I see that's it's been a while since you've got a message.

    I thought I would tell you that I successfully got a Manaphy from Ranger. It is Quirky and I believe "Likes to relax".

    Ranger was pretty fun though. I didn't get Almia though. I have several reasons why I didn't buy it. Although that Aura Sphere Rilou would have been nice to have. :(
    Well, I sent you basic summaries of each racer in a few words each.

    Maybe you can check it out sometime.
    Hey taitofan, how are you?

    I'm doing fine. I am currently playing F-Zero GX.

    You should really see the characters behind the game. Heck, maybe you can come up with a shipping between two of the characters. LOL
    Hey taitofan, I have an obvious question.

    Concerning HGSS, which game and which starter will you choose?
    You know taitofan, I figured I'll tell you the good news.

    I might get a PS2. I mean, the thing only causes a little bit of money; it's not that expensive. There have been games that I have wanted to play, but couldn't because I didn't have the system. I might be able to borrow games from my friend, Azuriko.

    What I would really want is a Super NES, but one time, Azuriko lended his so that I could play Kirby's Super Star. He's really nice.

    Also, would the PS2 be the best shipping system? :p
    Thank you for helping me initiate my shipping thread. It is much appreciated.

    You can see my full response in the thread. You don't mind if I have worded the starting topic question a little differently? It's basically asking the same thing.
    Hey taitofan, may I ask a slightly dumb question? Is it okay if I post an alternate shipping disscusion and then say I did so in the index?
    Hey taitofan, I just got Platinum. Had to get it a few days late, but I got it.

    I picked Turtwig (instead of Piplup which I picked in Pearl) and it is Relaxed (Often dozes off?). I caught a Starly, Bidoof, and a Shinx, but not anything else.

    Just wanted to tell somebody.

    BTW, I sent you the PM I told you about anyway. Hope you don't mind. You can read it to your own leisure.
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