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  • I have a question for someone who has probably used Pal Park before.

    Do you get to see the Pokemon's personality (i.e. highly curious) before you transfer it to your DP games. Just curious.
    I like FestivalShipping too, though not as much as CookieShipping, obviously. I can't really see Harley with May, but that doesn't mean I can't support it! ^_^
    I think May had a crush on Harley too. =]
    Hey taitofan, how are you doing? Are there some shippings that you newly got interested in? Are you looking forward to the Shaymin event?
    Shadow-saur, it's in the rules that you can vote once a day if I know your timezone.
    Just to clarify, you can vote again if a new round has started, right? I have forgotten :(

    I have something of a very strange, somewhat ridiculous request. Could you just send me a very small PM? I've been trying to PM you for eons, and I keep getting Internal Server Error Messages .-.
    Hey, it's been a while. Lately, I'be been shifting through games. First Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes, then Pikmin 2, then F-Zero GX, and now Sonic Rush Adventure. So, how are you doing?
    lmfao, really? xD Lussuria needs his corpses *shot*, no I am not kidding. xD And mm at boy list. MM. <3

    Yes, I like it too. I OMNOMNOM IT. <33333
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