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  • why would you want to get a genesect and meloetta from gts? they're guaranteed to be hacked.
    Again, I think you should go first in explaining ourselves. You were the one who was attacked, and frankly, it'd be awkward for Deimos to fully describe the situation with so little knowledge of Pokémon. Of course, I'll still post afterwards, but Kigai should probably go first.

    What do you think?
    I was thinking on that too, actually. :)

    Mind if I post first? I technically haven't described Deimos in-(dungeon?) yet, or even mentioned what Pokémon he was. :\ Unless you want to go first, to set up the scene? I'll probably describe him either way.

    Know what, if you've got a good scene set up, you probably should go first.
    Eh, the idea of having two characters is a bit iffy. Victinifan100 has two characters because the Deoxys Quartet's characters have a pretty straightforward goal in mind aside from the characters' main ambitions. Having two characters for the Rogue Edge Clan? Stick with one, if you please.
    I already posted the thread.

    And regarding your character, Togetic, I was wondering if you have enough time in your schedule to run on two different stories. Having to play two characters on the same RP is odd and pretty time consuming. If you can handle that, then that would be cool.
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    Good match once again. Out of curiosity, what're the stats, move set, etc. on your Latios? I'm pretty sure you would've one if I weren't carrying extreme speed and a choice band on that Entei.
    Good match. I was lucky to miss that hidden power. Do you wanna go again? Different 3 this time.
    Well with those extra 10EV's I just see what Pokemon needs it where because it would make no sense to give 10 Attack EV's to a Special Sweeper and Vice-versa
    Once they get to really high levels I just grind on the E4, the Trainers @ the Big and Little Stadium and Victory Road to level up faster.
    No, IIRC i EV trained them to the max on 2 stats (its mostly 252 EV's in Attack and Speed and Attack and HP on some)
    yeah but i do have to redo my team, plus i knew how it was going to end- Wailord uses Water Spout on Blaziken- Its Super Effective.


    and that darn Korean Latios of yours is awesome it still outsped my 2x Speed Boosted Blaziken
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