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  • I think it is gone sadly.

    Also come to the TA xat for our midnight tournament! Speed tier, only base 110s or higher allowed (+ OU bans / clauses).
    Oh, her sprite's from a different place (Bulbapedia I think?), it is animated but only if you support animated PNGs. although you do raise a good point, I think I'll grab the Spearow sprite from the same place I got the others so there's some uniformity. And you wanting luck? He(?) of the larvitar and corsola hatches? Ha! But thanks though he is a cool bug :3
    Before I make the mistake of interpreting Narcissa's character wrong, how would she react if she was being grabbed by a bunch of black hands?
    Oh, yeah, I assumed there had to be some of those kind of people. There's always someone who's greedy. I'm now enjoying myself with shinies, since I too have left competitive play, only considering lower tiers with the utterly broken Drizzle teams swamping(no pun intended) the higher tiers. I may get back into it later, but until then, my EV'ed teams are only for in-game stuff. Though that's not to say I won't check out the RP forums in the future.

    Oh, yeah, those teams are tough, though I don't exactly have a great Doubles team either. I prefer battling gym leaders and champions, since I can win those easily for more BP, and fight my old favorites from even Hoenn on an even front. I kinda wish the Elite 4 were in the PWT as well, but we can't have everything. At least it's way better than Subway. :p
    Oh, so a nice touch-up. That would explain it. Still a nice job on it all.

    I never thought I could do it either, until Rayquaza finally appeared after two months of trying. I was really out of other things to do those two months anyway.
    I have noticed most of your activity in the role-playing forums, too. You must be having plenty of fun there.
    I'm loving the PWT and medal system, but above all, I love having so many people that we can battle. I like Hugh, and being able to fight Colress, the Shadow Triad and N post-game as well. Their respective themes are great also, so I've enjoyed the story, music and battle aspects of these games. And yay for trainer animations.
    Really? Then what's the credit for? I know you two are good friends and all. Was it your idea?

    Oh, wow, it has been a while, two months. Well, I've gotten into a bit of shiny hunting, with Rayquaza, Cresselia and Latios being my current successes. Black 2 has given me so much to do, and I've been doing that. I also tried a Nuzlocke in SS, but I got bored after beating Jasmine since my rules weren't challenging me enough, and started over for an Ice monotype. What have you been up to? Did you play through B2/W2 with Nuzlocke rules after all?
    This may seem a bit out of the blue, but I see you're apparently quite the artist. You drew that Corsola in Blue Harvest's sig? That's an impressive drawing, not to mention humorous as well.
    Yeah, I saw! I kinda stalk the egg house, hehe. Hopefully I'll get something super-awesome as well. And if I don't, well, I'll keep it anywaay. Sentimentality, you know?
    I thought about getting a rare water egg, it fits in with El's character to have a random rare water type as they're her favourite. But then I went *bleep* that and went for delicious randomness. I can always get a water type later and knowing next to nothing about it is more exciting!

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