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    Sorry for any inconvenience with this and sorry for any lost posts.
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  • Ah thanks :) I think it took about 10 tries to get it just right...
    My next step is to make the locket look more anime-like, but not until I have a "anime" version of me ;)
    No problem but you might wanna delete that last post. It's double posting, and there's a prom plot going on. I know, not the best time to sign up. Sorry.
    Thank you for signing up! Takashi is Accepted!

    Can you please state your timezone? It's kind of hard when most of our RPers are American and some are 5(ish) hours ahead in Europe.
    I like the way he is drawn I think it is the art style of a anime that get people into watching them
    Thanks I aim to please who is your favorite anime character my is Brief form Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt
    Well i already do, and i agree with you completely :). Currently it is the only one anime i'm currently watching ;)
    Ok in my own words Highschool DxD is a great anime for people who already saw this is a no brainer I love the main characters this show has a great overall balance of all the things that people look for in an anime Humor, Action, Drama, and some fan service without over doing it. Issei is one of my favorite male protagonists even tho he had a rocky start in the begin of the show with him being stabed and all well here is my brief opinion on Highschool DxD hope you like it.
    I watched both if it is a harem or anything close than I have watched it and I can give you my opinion on it
    That is a great selection I watch almost the same things as you with the difference being I watch Harem anime
    Yo I see you are an anime fan so what are some of the other ones you watch not counting Highschool DxD
    You should modify or remove your post on the Amourshipping thread before the mods get you (It is a one liner)
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