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  • :'DDD

    Uhm. The term "OTP" for ShinjiAki still isn't enough to describe how much I love it, I'll just put it that way. ;D
    I don't know if it's possible to be in love with an actual pairing;; orz I swear that's how I feel sometimes; it's the only thing on my mind these days...

    I adore RyoMin, yeah. I used to somewhat like AkiMitsu before I realised how much of a connection he and Shinji have... I hate Adachi with a passion, but I don't mind the Ryotaro/Adachi pairing. I see alot of Adachi/Souji stuff out there, yeah. It's scary. ;_____;

    I adore Souji and Yosuke, though. They're so adorable together! And when it comes to straight pairings, my OTP is by far Kanji/Naoto. ^__^
    It seems LSA beat me here. Me and her spaz over people who love the Persona games. *shot*
    Nice signature. Those comics were hilarious. My signature has Izanagi in it, too. :3
    I think I might already have it... o: I can't remember if I've beaten the shadow in Rise's dungeon already or not. I got lazy with those optional bosses...

    ILLUMISE. :v
    And tell me you like some P3/4 pairings. :'D
    Doesn't Adachi use Debilitate as well?
    Ho'wow. He sounds really good! I guess I'll give him a shot, then. ;D Hopefully I can steal back P4 from my friend this week, since she's had it for aggesss and I'm craving it something terrible.

    Long posts are awesome. |D
    I see you've joined the Shiny Club, too! Darn you; you have the ONE SHINY that I've been searching over 30,000 encounters for. ;____;
    He had to order it from Atlus, and there were only two copies left for importing. He got me the pretty one with all the characters and their Personas on the front. *o*

    What level were you? I only have about 5 days 'till the deadline, but I can manage alot of training in one day... ;A;
    P3:FES is impossible to get where I am now, unless you're SUPER DUPER lucky and find one online, so my boyfriend imported one from England and omg it's so cool. *o*

    I'm up to Ameno Sagiri on P4. Blasted eyeball... Dx
    It's still almost as awesome as games like Persona 3 and Persona 4, in my opinion.
    Though P3/4 are aimed for teens/adults, ilu for mentioning their awesomeness. :'D
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