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  • Well, yeah.. but no episodes means no action, or we might be getting some BW stuff, or new titles.. but I don't know.. surpassing you isn't something I strive for, it might happen.. but doesn't really matter does it? Postcount ain't everything :D

    *Lol, I won't get to Sinnoh before Sinnoh's over, so there's no point into spamming..
    Thanks! That seems like such a long time ago!

    I forgot how many posts I had during that time, but anyway, it's not about the amount, it's what you do with them, and thusfar.. I think I haven't gone over to complete spamermode yet xD I mean at this mangaforum I also regularly go to, you could easily get 200 posts in a week, because of the spoiler and chapter discussions just are so fast paced. Though of course, nobody will read your comments because everybody would be busy stating their own opinions.. so I'm glad that some people here at least take the time to read each others posts :D
    Yeah, sure go ahead then! Though if I ever get an infraction, just put anonymous down there, but till then.. I don't care, it's not as if I'm racking up the infractions or anything yet :p

    A flying Snake would be something cool. Wait.. isn't that what Dunsparce is supposed to be? xD

    I agree with the other evolutions, though I'd be getting the games no matter what probably.. When the silhouettes came out my first thought was: 'omg they turned Bidoof into a starter...' So yeah I'm hoping for something along the general build of Typhlosion/Floatzel as in long body, which is leaner at the top and there's no visible neck..
    Lol, I just saw your new signature.. Can I get into any trouble if you use that? If not you're free to use that of course xD

    Well, yeah, you can't say that starters change that much, generally from cute to not cute: Mudkip -> Swampert, Chimchar -> Infernape, and Squirtle -> Blastoise :p Among the ones that changed, yeah Charizard, but I don't know how that leaf on Tsutaja's tail will develop... not to mention those yellow wing things/shoulder pads.. Something in me wants something drastic to happen to that Water starter, instead of a bigger otter.. I think that Pokabu will turn out as a fiery warthog...
    I don't think that a coordinator is much of a promotion :p

    So what's your opinion on current events? Sinnoh ending and what this new title might entail: Does 'Eve before Fierce fighting' mean that DP182 is the start of a training arc, or that the Sinnoh League will actually start in DP183? Personally I'm hoping for a two episode training arc.

    And then there's Gen V... I think I saw that you generally like the grass starter, am I right? I ponder about what them will turn out to be. I think that the water starter is the same case as Piplup, dislike for the baseform and slight approval of the final form..

    Congratulations on a thousand posts!~

    I didn't mean much with that 'whether he becomes champion or not', it's just that when used as proof, it's still unclear when there's multiple interpretations..

    I laughed at that latest thread from JasonChu, the Ash/Suicide thread! Some people just take this show too far I guess.. Anyway, did you also get an infraction for saying: 'In before the lock/close'? I did that in Chiripa's upcoming season thread, and I got a 3 point infraction.. Juputoru just had to kill my fun :p
    I honestly like all of them but my favorite is the fire starter. Hey I just posted a link to Pokebeach because let's just say my computers got some problems.
    Well I was waiting until everything was fully confirmed, and for the Japanese site to update with the HD pics. I'll put up the video review about it either later today or tomorrow. I will however be recording the gameplay pics on PS today. What do you think of the new starters?
    Yeah I know! But too bad about PS. They only showed the logos. Also too many people were trying to watch and the screen was all glitchy.
    lol it's okay though ^^ I enjoy it :p There is a fair amount of hype now and again which lead to translations of pointless stuff simply to make a point, but it's usually not too bad :p
    Yeah it was kinda funny I might switch back to it I dont really have anything in mine.
    Good point. Still, I wanna someday add in all the Pokemon with info of their first anime/movie debut. So it could perhaps say "Pokemon Anime Apperance Debut/What's left to debut"
    hehe, probably. Or unless a Mod can change the title once we actually get into the generation 5 anime. Hmm, might want to add in those two Pokemon in anyways. :p
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