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  • Yeah I like some of the games you named too. Anything that catches my interest really.
    Oh damn hard question lol. Uhhhh Call Of Duty, Halo, Gears, Borderlands, Bioshock, Left 4 Dead. Mad 360 **** basically lol
    Nothing right now. Just chillin. Watching some ESPN and listening to music is just about it.
    Awww. Yeah, it stinks that the DS can't play GBC games. ;__; Have you searched eBay for another SP?
    *never played Yellow* I... I'm a terrible person. My first Pokemon game was Silver.

    <3 Double yayyyy!

    Nooooo. I like my principal; he's nice. But you're right, I do have to do something about this... it's getting ridiculous.

    Why would I kill you for that? You're my friendly friend!
    Besides, it's no big deal. :D It doesn't change who you are~

    Awww. D,= I'm sorry! (lulz. My DS ran out of power, so I had to ask my sister to use hers.) I don't know where my poor SP went... or the charger for it.

    <3 For ever and ever and ever afterwards we shall be friendliest friendly friends and *is lazy* buddies! For sure!
    xD;; We've complained several times, with no luck. Ahh, well, I can only hope next year we'll get a different driver.

    I play mostly Pokemon, SSBB, Zoids, FFVII: Dirge of Cerberus... I don't know what happened to my Mario Kart game. TT.TT;;

    I missed you just as much~ <3 I was lonely too. No video games except my EoS game. (I thought I would die from boredom...)

    Yayyy~! <333 friendly friends and *is lazy* buddies for ever and ever!
    I used to love snow ball fights!
    Now I'm no fun and get angry and yell at the middle schoolers throwing snow balls around when we're waiting for our bus after school lets out... our driver's always about 20 minutes late. ;__;
    *hugs computer* Saaameee~ Or me and one of my video games; I play them non-stop.

    Awww. I missed you lots!
    I was so upset I couldn't check the EoS Discussion thread... But all's well now!

    *is lazy* buddies, yes? <3
    :D But your smile goes for just as long!

    Awww. =( I only like snow
    I'm so sorry that happened! Over summer break too... Oh, dear.
    I'll try not to shirk my work! But *is lazy*
    But I'll never run away. Those mean enemies will face Luxray's Discharge! Mwahahaa~

    Glad to hear that, my friendliest friend! I'm also great! 'cept we had a power outage... with no heat in about 2 feet of snow outside. xD;; So I was a little cold, but I'm okay now! The power is back, and that means the Internet is too!
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