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  • Haha, that's true. Although with fewer people reporting posts/threads, it's easier to go back and see if any given person reported them.
    Lol well it's cause that was one of the dumbest things I seen a person do on here. Just having your back man ;)
    Ah. There were so many reports for those threads that I didn't really pay attention to everyone who reported them. :p
    Thanks for telling me, but for future reference it's more effective to use the report button than to VM/PM individuals mods(unless the mod is online RIGHT THAT MINUTE, of course).
    *is also lazy*
    "YOOM......TAAAAHHHH!" <3 Your smile goes for miles!

    How are you, my friendly friend? :D
    Probably. Sorry for taking a long time to reply.I had to make and edit my posts in my RPG here.
    Thanks and maybe you'll be modded eventually as well. Maybe I'll get modded by the end of the year or the end of the decade.
    Thanks. A bunch of people have actually told me that. I still don't think I'll become a mod since I'm just 12.
    Well, I don't play competitively as well, but I just like to make my team right so I can breeze through stuff.. until I get to the battle tower where almost my entire team got crushed.. except Torterra.. he was good..

    My starters were pretty much Charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirtle (I used to trade one to a friend, start a new game, trade the second one to the friend and then start the third game with Charmander, caught two rattata's and traded my starters back :)) Charmander was my main though, then Bulbasaur since I like Leech Seed that much..
    I did the same thing with Johto, where Feraligatr was my main, but Typhlosion had more type effectivenesses..
    During Hoenn I was kinda torn, and never actually bought a game.. so I used roms and stuff to get a multiple teams with Swampert, Sceptile and Blaziken. Blaziken kicked most butt then 'pert. Blaziken (nicknamed Torque, actually won a master rank contest while being a gym pokemon xD)(the Swampert, nicknamed Mudvayne, had EQ, Surf, Ice Beam and Counter and got me the gold ability symbole by using Counter xD) Don't Ask about Sceptile, he just plainly sucked.. well.. he did beat Wallace fairly easy..

    Sinnoh it's been Torterra and Infernape all the way, since I refuse to become lured into Nintendo's penguin marketing ploy..

    Lol about American Idol.. my host mom was totally into it, so when I told her I participated in the Dutch version she was shocked as poop :D Don't get all hyped.. I didn't get past the second round.. They thought that I can sing but missed stage presence.. I still sing and play guitar though, if somethings your hobby I don't think you should stop if someone says you can't make a living out of it..
    Lol, I'm not that original :p When I went to youtube the other day, one vid with a ginger was in my recommended section, so I watched it.. I'm a sheep.. and I know it.. But that was a guy called Copper something, and he had to convince everybody that gingers have souls, also because he is a Christian. He also like you said referenced South Park and how it created a stereotype. (He was comparing Gingers to black people and Mexicans..) But that is where I got that from.. I saw the South Park episode, and I get the joke they were trying to make (Cartman being ignorant of the fact that people are supposed to be judged by actions and not by what they look like etc).

    As for Chimchar, it's a good starter both in the games and anime, it beats 'Le Coq' by a long shot as far as Fire/Fighting types go. But I'm more of a Turtwig kinda dude. I usually use both in my ingame team, but I just can't get the right set with Infernape.. sadly..I think it has (it's been a while): Flamethrower, CC, Bulk Up and some filler.. can't remember. While for Torterra I use: Wood Hammer, Leech Seed, Earthquake and Stone edge, with an Adamant Nature and Leftovers... It's just got that staying power that I like, while my Infernape is pretty frail..

    The sig.. well for gymleaders I reference the anime, but now that I've only got the badge to reference to.. that's a bit harder.. and since the more I post, the longer I will stay in one rank, the challenge of finding something funny that stays funny is getting harder.. for the next I'm thinking of something like... The badge that the Jamaican bobsled team never got.. as in a reference to the sledding down the mountain part of the gym and cool runnings.. gosh that was an awesome episode :p
    Lol, Thanks for calling my post genius, but I'm also calling myself an ignorant **** by calling out to gingers.. but that was sarcasticly, so I don't think they'd mind. In fact, my ginger friends have a hard shell, they'll pretty much applaud someone who comes up with a fresh new thing that they haven't heard already..

    As for penguins.. I don't know who started it, but you're right on those disney movies, it was back in 2005 when Mo'theP came out.. and those followed fairly quickly, it's also around that time that DP came out.. I hated that whole marketing ploy, that's why I've never used Piplup.. although I have to admit that Empoleon is a decent pokemon..
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