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    Gengar and Cloyster, great combo! We start with them!

    Gengar @Life Orb/Wise Glasses
    Timid / Levitate
    -Shadow Ball
    -Focus Blast
    -Confuse Ray

    This is a good set with Gengar. It does what he should do, sweep.

    Cloyster @Razor Fang/Scope Lens
    Jolly / Skill Link
    -Icicle Spear
    -Rock Blast
    -Shell Smash
    -Razor Shell

    This is another excellent sweeper. Now what does these two lack?
    Well, I asume you are playing competively. Then, like this:

    Start with a base Poke. Lets say it's a special sweeper, like Latios.
    Latios want extra start damage - he wants a lead with stealth rocks. He also want something to deal with Dark types - a fighting or bug. And something to rely on - a tank.

    Whats your favorite OU Sweeper?
    What about Cloyster then?

    i don't fully understand the required roles per team or what a good balance of roles is
    Ev's and nature should be your primary focus. But if you have good IV's, then it's not a exact problem.

    As for your pokemons, Aerodactyl and Gengar could work well together. But not Gengar and Starmie. To many similiar weaknesses. First, think of their role. What should they do, what do they need to do, etc. Many like to choose one pokemon, and then build their team around him/her. Like This Guy. He choosed Latias. Once you have some ideas of who to choose and their roles, tell me :)
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