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  • Well there are a couple good Pokemon to take it out. Tyranitar is what I currently use. I don't have Rotom-W so I don't have that option available to me. I still need to improve my VGC team before July since that's when Nationals is. If I'm asked to be VGC Staff I'll take it though. I've been part of its staff for 3 out of the past 4 years. One thing that did disappoint me was one year I had an invite to judge Worlds VGC, but the thing was that I wouldn't get anything for lodging or travel expenses so I had to politely decline. Things are handled different now though and the hiring is done by TPCi instead of a different company.
    The country is nice overall , and I know the feeling of traveling place, I go all over Caribbean for vacations in the past
    I actually used my Talonflame for the XY Beta competition and it got several KOs for me. I think it probably got more than any of my other Pokemon.
    It's okay now that I know what's been keeping you.

    Oh really? Well, I can talk about my country if you want. Yeah. XD Then there's also Deadly.Braviary (I believe he's a guy) that uses it like this: ~Deadly.Braviary

    It was okay. I'm discussion my latest PMD idea (for a fanfic) with my good friend Meeker. Other than that, not much.
    Tallyyyyyyyyyyyy! Why didn't you respond to my last VM? D: I know we're awake at different times, but at least we sort of talk...

    (Sorry if I was bothering you I just couldn't help but wonder...)
    Very cheery you are. I liek it!

    Ohhh, so you battle competitvely, yes?
    Acrobatics is cool, but that Brave Bird too...

    Rude? Well, maybe a little. But how I act is how boys in here, the Philippines. And really? My friend has that in his sig, and he's a guy through and through. :/

    YAAAAAAY! X3 If you do, I'll be really glad and grateful. X3 You too? I LOVE PMD as well! 8D

    You're welcome again. XD Yeah. I just love their designs, even though Charizard itself sucks in competitive battles. Minus the Mega Evos.

    The GM, short for Game Master and the one who started the thread, is my friend bronislav84 if you wanna know.
    You haven't let me down yet, and you never will! :p

    So, uh... what's your preferred set on a Talonflame?
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