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  • Ah, I see... I love reading! :D

    No, not too much... I have before, but I don't go to them a ton or anything. Although I myself would love too... X3 I once brought my hermit crabs to a 4-H thing at our local town fair, cause my project was on them... if that counts as one time lol. X3
    That is good... :)

    Yup, I do! A husky, kitten, five hermit crabs (<3), a betta fish, and a bunch more fish in their own separate tank... what about you? :)
    Aha, I see... and yeah, it can be difficult to find the sections you want aha... ^^;

    But that stinks.... I have been getting ok grades... enough to pass by, but I need better... I know it. :/ Like some subjects I am doing great with, but others... yeah. :/
    Same here! I am still active on here, but it isn't quite the same as when it was summer time... and ah, good luck to you with that... I hate tests *shudders* >.< But sweet! :D Hm... I see you already did. You didn't have to unless you wanted too, but I do have to say I like this new one. Seems like lots of people use the other one, hehe... ^^;
    No worries! It's ok. ;) But um, I am good! Been busy with school and such, but I am good... what about you? (and funny, another friend of mine on here has that EXACT same avatar, lol!) XD
    I am sorry, but I can't see it since that site gets blocked by my computer (which has a protection system that blocks all the "Bad" sites)... sorry about that. ;/ but I am sure it looks good! And yeah, I have a printer... I am sure my parents could tell me how if I asked lol. XD
    Well, it can to some people... it means that you think two people/Pokémon/etc. would make a good couple. See? In my case it is Ash and Dawn... <3 :3 XD
    Helloo :)
    Yes i loove dawn, she looks awesome and she has a nice personalty and a awesome piplup.
    She's the total opposite ofme
    Hey bud! I missed your VM from long ago... sorry! D: But how are you? I saw that you like Dawn (since you were trying to join the club, like me) That is sweet! I am a new found Pearlshipper lol! XD Never thought I'd say that
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