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  • Ugh, I already went through this nonsense of calling stores and checking stock with the original Wii. :/ I ended up finding the Wii at a Gamestop, so hopefully I'll find a Switch there in October. xD

    That last one actually came from my Happy Home Designer. You can design buildings like hospitals and schools, and villagers randomly fulfill different roles.

    Like this one.


    I bet you would say the same thing about complicated tax forms. :P
    Your Best Buy actually had Switches in stock? I don't know that mine did. I didn't see any, but I didn't ask an employee either.

    I thought I saw a Switch at Wal-Mart today, but it turned out to be the docking station. xD
    I bought Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer, because I want to get as much mileage out of these old systems as possible before they are replaced by a Nintendo Switch. Be prepared to be bombarded with Tangy images. :p


    I...tried? XD I didn't take off the marking yet, just in case you want anything changed. Tell me if you want me to alter something, or if you think they could be better! XD I did keep to his brown and green color scheme...every character actually has his or her own colors! XD

    His Mercenary look is supposed to parallel Nichol's design...note the vest, especially. XD Nichol's vest is white with a "mythril" sun, while Luka's is black with a bronze crescent! Eh, I wanted to do a parallel Mercenary look, as it's Nichol and Luka's shared class, and they're a couple anyway. :P His Fighter look definitely has a heavy Berserker slant...there were so few nice options, that I really did have to give him that leaning...Sylvia has a similar Berserker slant in her look, while Martin's can go either way and Nim's has a more Hero vibe. :P Of course, more fur and leather to piss Tim off. :P
    BTW, the eyes you chose for Luka's avatar...they originally have this triangle tattoo under one eye, right? Which you just removed? Just wondering, because I cannot for the life of me seem to find a tattoo-less version. XD Unless of course, my eyes have been fooling me again. XD
    Yo! XD

    Just wondering, do you have any reclass options in mind for Luka? I've been designing some for the other characters...and Luka won't be an exception. :p
    Somebody suggesting they "go right" will usually prompt a cold response of "I'm going left" from Jason.
    Did you make your Recolor avatar facing the opposite direction from the others for this reason? :p
    Hey, sorry for the bother, just a wanted a check up on your SU and if you are still interested ^^
    Heeey clean some PM space so I can PM you your new Pokemon!

    I fall asleep only to forget about this. .___.
    You should. :p Hopefully you won't leave from here at least!

    The one you have now! Your username is already amazing and that Dratini further compliments that! Or just use this. :p
    Hi there!

    Serebii finally made a Discord server which prompted me to make one for us RPers! Wanna join us?
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