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  • Heh, let's trade! The grown up version of the Pokemon games. lol

    Newp. Had some family over.
    lol, thanks.
    Yay, busy is fun. My summer is uneventful and boring so far... Despite the fact that I actually have a lot to do.
    I saw your sig... so you're a fan of Inkay? We should squad sometime, but warning-I'm terriblely addicted please make it stop.

    Vague and creepy HM02gon is vague and creepy.
    It's funny, cause it's the sequel to an RPG that had less people then I was hoping for at the start, and now there's even more then I was hoping for. It'd be fun to have you.
    I am, but it's 10:45 PM. I don't want to turn the TV on and wake everyone. xD

    I wish Splatoon had Off TV support. :/
    I'm playing right now! **INKAY** is what I'm using as my name atm
    Guess who just sent a Friend Request? :p
    Yeah, from Settings go to General Settings, scroll down to a section called Thread Display Options and the first subsection should be Visible Post Elements. There you can turn off avatars, signatures and image tags.
    Woah woah woah we can actually do this?

    I tried it and it looks awesome! But...everyone became ghosts. ;__;
    Honestly I don't have much interest in my character or his relation to the RP so I'd like to axe him,
    Since I'm letting Schade do this, I may as well let you do the same thing.

    You can ditch your old character, and come in with a different one. If you're still interested.

    The RP is still active. I'm amazed too.
    I've mostly been waiting on people to post. ^^;

    Gym battles are coming up. As soon as people get their characters to the Gym.
    Will be taking a break from Serebii. Might check in every few days and reply to VMs but don't expect much activity from me for a little while.

    I should but I don't. I've had too many failed GMing experiences for that...

    We're almost at the Gym. I have to write up Gym Battles for 6 people!
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