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  • Vanilluxe gets Snow Warning too but it doesn't have Aurora Veil support like Ninetales does. ;_; As for Drought, Ninetales got replaced by Torkoal. :p

    Nah the Rainbow Beans are designed to do that! Easily helps if you want a Sylveon as quickly as possible!

    I thought you caught Hakamo-o. .-. But nah it's Dragon/Fighting with two abilities that screws over Moonblast (Bulletproof) and Pixelate Hyper Voice. :p
    Yeah it's pretty good! Just be careful of something that uses a move to hit multiple opponents though. .__.

    Despite that, Ice did get a nice buff! Alolan Ninetales has Snow Warning and Aurora Veil that acts like dual screens and both Beartic and Sandslash are pretty good under Hail considering Slush Rush!

    Same happened to me. :p Hakamo-o evolves at level 45, the lowest of any pseudo legendary (and no silly things like "under the rain" .-.)! What do you think of its typing?
    It has priority like Rage Powder so it's definitely worth to consider! I love how Spinda can also learn it. :p

    The only new Ice type you'll ever encounter in Alola (not counting regional variants). .__.

    Ain't it cute? :D Now go find it and evolve it! Especially let me know what you think of its cry!
    Yes it can! That and a move called Spotlight which directs attacks towards the target of your choosing! :D

    Well like Aurorus and Avalugg...yeah let that sink in for a moment. .__.

    Wait I think the place you found Lycanroc is another spot where you can find the pseudo legendary like search for it! 0_0
    Yes we do.

    What does the F stand for? :p

    After that, I really don't want to post in the thread again, but if Hydrangea is going to wait for every single person to post, in a cast this large, and isn't going to ask people for posts, we'll never make it to April. :x *unsubscribes from thread.*
    Strength Sap recovers HP to that of the opponent's Attack stat and lowers said stat by 1 stage. Under sleep, it can be pretty deadly!

    Just Charjabug and Crabrawler. :p And you don't want to know what Crabrawler's evolution looks like. Let's just say it's wasted potential stat wise and the design isn't what you would expect. .___.

    Hooray! Let me know when you find it, alright? :D
    It wasn't really that good when I was there either. :/ No matter where I go, I keep coming back here. Serebii has the best RPers. Even if they are slow.

    Now let's go sexually harass some Poliwags. :p Bet you didn't expect that to be brought up again.
    Well now you have seen the creepy, soul-inducing mushroom! Despite having the same BST as Parasect, it comes with a nasty move called Strength Sap! Wanna know how it works?

    Don't worry, Crabrawler evolves right before the Pokémon League and it's not worth the wait imo. .-. And nah the pseudo-legendary is actually at the tail-end under a broken tree in the canyon. At least it evolves quickly!
    You didn't encounter a Shiinotic in the Grass Trial? o_O And find the pseudo-legendary! I'm sure you'll find it cute!

    Speaking of the fourth island, the canyon is where you can evolve Charjabug into Vikavolt! I know, an early Bug Pokémon evolves this late but that's probably because it packs a whopping 145 base Sp Attack. .__.
    This is very kind of you! I'm sure you would make a great co-owner if I ever need you!

    You're welcome and hopefully yesterday was still a good day! :) And Pokémon does! Check out the rest of their Valentines cards here!
    You'd be willing to help me if I ever need it? Sure, I would appreciate that! :D Maybe in the future I could make you my co-owner perhaps?

    I found this and this too! The first because of your username and the second because it's soooo perfect. :p Perhaps these will make this year's Valentines Day better!
    Alright I got Apples to Apples V.5 submitted! Look forward to it! :D

    Also Pokémon has these funny Valentines cards and I think you might like this one (the Tyrunt one is the best imo). :p
    Nah just two days.

    As you can see, I experienced a lot throughout these 4+ years in the Games subforum and you're a part of that experience. I'm grateful I met you all so thanks for contributing to my time there. ;_;
    After two-ish days, I finally finished the giant poem you all wanted! I hope you like it!
    That child without a teddy bear can still be guilty. You don't know what horrible crimes that kid has committed! :p

    Apparently, nocent comes from the Middle English word for guilty, so I'm technically still right. :p
    Nah just those three! Sorry that I didn't tell you about these missions before since I figured you wanted to enjoy the game first. .__.

    Yay! Hope you don't mind that I changed Archeops to something else. :p

    Wait...that's it? A drink? .___. You wanted free lunch and he just wants a beverage that he could easily get from the vending machine like why didn't he ask for something a little more...exciting? .-.
    Yeah wait until Valentines Day to claim your prizes! :D I'm now surprised that the Love Ball isn't being given considering the occasion. :p

    No problem! Perhaps we could both play again this upcoming weekend if you're not busy!

    Oh...what do you have to do now... .-.
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