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  • Huh I guess the Magnemite Coil stopped when we hit a million trades. .__. Well hopefully you got five GTS trades and we're about to hit the target for the Friend Ball! :D

    On another note, I saw you on Splatoon but I couldn't join you because you played Rank and I'm only in B-. .-.
    Magnemite! :D

    Why? Because of the Magnemite Coil! Making its return from BW2's Join Avenue (which is what the plaza is inspired by), the Magnemite Coil is where you deposit a Magnemite and ask for another in return. It's the sole reason why we obtained 1,000,000 trades already!

    Breed some Magnemite, throw them on the GTS, and ask for more! Easy!
    The first time we ever reached the target goal (especially since the first mission's target goal was ridiculous)! We now need to reach 2,000,000 GTS trades to get the Friend Ball! And you need to make five GTS trades to obtain a Rare Candy and I know just the Pokemon to help you easily obtain that!
    Awesome! Do these things then:

    1. Connect to the internet in the plaza
    2. Go inside the castle
    3. Speak to the dancer to the right and you'll be able to participate in what's called a Global Mission!

    I'll give more details once you did that!
    First things first, have you Sync'd your Sun to your PGL account? Because if so, you're already on the right track!
    Perhaps. :p Another shakeup to the metagame is that those Terrain moves nobody used in Gen VI are now super prevalent! I'm glad they're more useful now!

    Items can't transfer and they get sent to your bag. You do get Mega Stones in game and you'll get five of them for free! The only other Mega Stones available at the time of writing is the ones compatible with Pokemon found in the Alola Dex. .__. That said, the Mawilite and Beedrillite will be distributed next month via entering an online competition.

    Ah OK good! I wanted to make sure I did nothing wrong as I typed that post up to 1:20 in the morning! :p
    Hopefully my interaction with Henry wasn't awkward but I really wanted to put a tiny reference to something when I had Leslie talk to him. .__.
    They do cause confusion but if the berry matches the nature of your Pokemon then you should be good to go! I forgot how much HP you need to have left to activate them but surely Gluttony users like Alolan Muk and Snorlax will love this!

    Indeed although I wish all of the Mega Stones were available in Sun/Moon. It's even weirder how not a single Fairy type Mega can be used in-game. @_@
    The fact that it's bigger then Ho-oh shows how ridiculous its size is. Either it accounts for the chain hooked onto the anchor or the anchor is that huge. .__.

    Here we go:

    • You remember the Iapapa Berry and its friends? Measly 12.5% HP recovery? Well now that's been buffed up to 50%!
    • Mega Evolution's speed mechanics have changed. Now Pokemon like Mega Beedrill can already be stupidly quick and Banette can already use Prankster the moment it Mega Evolves!
    I don't know but the National Dex showed that Dhelmise is the 18th tallest Pokemon in existence. Like how? o_O

    Would you care if I told you a couple new buffs that the Sun/Moon metagame received instead? :p
    Forgot to mention that you can get the Z Crystal by October 2nd I think. :p

    Yes it is! It's one of the many new features! You can even set the National Pokedex to Tallest-to-shortest now too! :D I heard you don't need to pay to access the National Pokedex and you can even link your Gen VI game to it so if you have all 721 Pokemon registered, it will already show that without transferring anything!

    I mean even our own webmaster hates it lol. Plus I think the customer reviews from Japan aren't all that great and after researching, I don't think it's a game I'd enjoy. Hopefully you understand. .__.
    You think so? Well I'll trust your words then!

    You can do this now among others! (Not all of these are legit by the way I mean I still don't remember getting a shiny Mimikyu. .__.). Best part is that you get a Mewnium Z crystal too!

    Yeah I heard the mechanics are absolute trash even by freemium standards. I haven't downloaded it because of that. :p
    Gah, I apologize for making you type that at 1:00 in the morning. .__.

    Well actually my SU's in general is what I'm really concerned about with my characters being a part of the issue. True, depth is nice! But when I try putting depth into my character, it feels like the kind of depth is something already done a thousand times and thus comes off as dull imo. I did read some of the SU's before creating Leslie but at the end, I just went with what I could think of and frankly, I somewhat regret making a cookie-cutter smart student. Granted that was what Psychic had (intelligence) but I wished I had put in some twists to it. .-. I'm definitely not envying anyone and I genuinely think everyone's SU's were brilliant but when I compare mines...I feel like mine isn't as "strong" and memorable as everyone else's despite feeling it's an acceptable SU all the same.

    I see. Then again, I only know Monster Guy does that. .__. And don't worry! You did give some nice pointers and I'm grateful for the advice you have given me over the course of my RPing time!
    I really apologize for this 2nd VM in a row. I really mean it. .-. But I have had some questions regarding RPing advice that I've held on to for a while since it I felt they might have been silly but I'm more confident now to ask one of them and I was wondering if you could help me with something:

    Well this might be a weird question but do you know how one could spice up an SU? I feel as both my SU's, while perhaps not bad, are...generic. It's just that I feel you all seem to have more creative ideas to lash out then me and I don't think it's because I'm new. It's just that your characters have sooooo many awesome quirks whereas my two SU's lack that oomph to it. I mean your character for Legendarys is literally Mr. T reincarnated as a high school student (and I mean this in a good way >.>) minus the brawns-over-brains part for example! There are other bundles of unique things I've seen in other SU's but mine is what? Hates green? Yeah I still don't feel that's all too exciting. .-. I'll live with it but reading everyone elses makes me feel a bit bad for hardly adding anything super interesting.

    I hope this didn't sound too "down" but that's how I feel and I was hoping you would be the right person to help me with this matter. .__.
    There is no National Pokedex this time assuming PokeBank doesn't bring it. :p

    Indeed! And I'm here to help you in any way possible!
    Oh yeah I forgot to mention something:

    Your signature implies that you're worried about getting the Shiny Charm this gen!

    Well guess what? You only need to complete the Alola Pokedex to get said charm this time! :D
    I knew you would love it! :D Speed Swap is amazing in doubles considering Ribombee's base Speed stat is 124!

    This is amazing! Finally I'm one step towards a shiny Whimsicott! And it's all thanks to you. I don't know how I could repay you. ;__;

    And nice! That's great that you have all of those Abra because you have a lot of Synchronizing to do postgame (you'll see what I mean). :p
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